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Welcome to The Mattress Underground FORUM! :cheer:
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Replacing Spinal Care Monet Firm Mattress :( Need alternative/advice 26 Sep 2020 23:10 #1

It's Ironic, I am too tired to find a new mattress! I moved in June and came into my new home without a bed (just a blowup mattress). But, I have narcolepsy, so if I can't sleep well at night, I (literally) can't function during the day and this has made the process of looking for a new mattress impossible.

I had the Spinal Care Monet Firm mattress and a 2 or 3-inch thick organic latex mattress topper and LOVED it. I would buy the exact same mattress & topper if I could, however, recently moved to Austin, Texas. Since Spinal Care doesn't look like its sold outside of California, I don't think they are an option.

Sleeping Info/Background:
- One person w/ 2 animals
- Back sleeper (every once and a while I sleep on my side)
- 102lbs
- Organic/no harmful chemicals is really important to me
- Very Firm Needed (although I had the topper...so maybe a built in topper is the same thing? idk).

The VERY firm mattress + topper was perfect for my back problems/disabilities, in fact, I found the Monet because my doctor MADE me buy that exact mattress + topper (I will forever thank her). Is there anything comparable to this mattress made in Texas? Or anyway to deliver a mattress from a regional suppliers that don't sell directly online (i.e. Spinal Care)? I also don't think going in stores is an option for me since COVID. :/

Thank you very much! Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide

P.S. I wanted to share what my doctor told me a few years ago that changed my life, so if anyone with a similar disability is looking up mattresses, hopefully this post comes up on their web search.
Anyone who is hypermobile, hyperflexible, has snapping scapula syndrome, as well as back and neck pain, I recommend looking up Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). I had horrible back/neck pain starting around 12 and went to every type of doctor my parents could think of. I was in physical therapy for over 6 years between the ages of 12-21. No one could figure it out, they just all knew I was hypermobile and my bones popped out of place randomly, causing my muscles to spasms. Years later, I started talking to a new coworker about my medical history and it just so happened she had EDS and the exact same symptoms. I went to a specialist who studied the disability, and surprise, all these years no one was able to diagnose me. The #1 thing that ended my years of pain, popping, and muscle spasms? The mattress she made me buy. The Monet Firm Mattress is concrete hard, no joke. Because of the hypermobility in your joints, your body can't be twisted or bent while you sleep, otherwise your muscles have to work overtime trying to keep bones from dislocating. She also made me learn to sleep on my back (I was a stomach sleeper, it is possible to learn!) & find a pillow that doesn't lift my neck up too high. I was in so much pain as a young adult, I would have happily pulled a Katniss from the Hunger Games (volunteer as tribute) to end my suffering. I haven't had neck or back pains 24/7 in years. #1. FIRM Mattress #2. Sleep on your back #3. Lower Pillows!

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Replacing Spinal Care Monet Firm Mattress :( Need alternative/advice 28 Sep 2020 14:23 #2

Hey TheBrokenResearcher,

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Replacing Spinal Care Monet Firm Mattress :( Need alternative/advice 28 Sep 2020 19:51 #3

Opps! My bad! Yeah, I think a lot of firm mattresses will work*! I just don' t know enough about why my doctor recommended that one to help recommend more or find alternatives, but would love to learn!! :)

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Replacing Spinal Care Monet Firm Mattress :( Need alternative/advice 16 Oct 2020 18:57 #4

Bump if anyone knows :(

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