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Any suggestions? 21 Nov 2020 22:55 #11

Hi Phoenix:

So glad you're sticking with me :)

It's been close to a month now that I've been sleeping on the coils only. I really wanted to give it the proper try. It's an improvement without the foam, but not nearly enough. I'd say 20% better.

So, it sounds like your recommendation would be to buy a new support layer and then start tackling the comfort layer. OK, let's go. What's my next step? We know that the Hybrid Coil and 100% latex (Nest) are not supportive enough. So far that's my only data point.

Thanks as always,


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Any suggestions? 24 Nov 2020 20:57 #12

Hi emc/Ellen.

You are very welcome!

Some improvement is a step in the right direction, but a 20% improvement isn't enough to grant sticking with this unit.
One more thought before moving ahead ... Have you checked the support system/foundation under your mattress as suggested? What are you using for both a frame and support system under your mattress? Whenever sagging or lack of alignment comes into play, I always suggest a “ground up” assessment to make sure that there is nothing under the mattress that may be contributing to the issue. Bed sizes above a twin should have good center support to the floor to prevent any flexing under the mattress and the people sleeping on it. In all cases ... the mattress needs to rest on an evenly supportive base which will not sag or weaken over time under the weight of the mattress and the people on it. You can verify if the support system you are using is appropriate if you place your mattress/spring unit directly upon the floor to see if that makes any difference for you. if you feel any improvement then it is possible that the support system is the cause of your discomfort … or ... there is a combination of faulty/flexing foundation and core layer being too soft for your prone sleeping.

Only once you eliminated foundation flexing as a possible cause for your lack of deeper support you can start looking into a getting firmer core layer.

Should this be the case I’d keep in mind that the lower the gauge, the firmer the feel, with 12 gauge being about the lowest/firmest you're going to find. But that is not the only variable... Coil diameter, coil height, number of turns are other factors that contribute to the firmness of the unit. It is best to reach out to the retailer/manufacturer themselves to verify the level of support the unit can provide and if it is suitable for you.

the Hybrid Coil mattress you are sleeping on uses Leggett and Platt's Quantum Edge Comfort Core Elite 8" Pocket Coil system. Quantum Edge Elite coils are 15 and 16 gauge. (You can add that to your data points). Knowing that the 15/16 gauge still isn't supportive enough for your needs, you may wish to seek something between 12 and 14 gauge given that all variables stay the same.

If you're able, doing some testing locally may be useful in helping you identify how firm is firm enough. Is there a local mattress outlet where you can safely test mattresses, specifying that you'd like to test mattresses with coils that have that gauge range and a very thin comfort layer so that you can better assess the alignment or deep support?

You can always reach out to any of our Trusted Members that are familiar with the spring units you are considering explaining your situation. If they have something that may work for your support needs, they'll be certain to let you know or help you make some comparisons to help with your decision.

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