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Where do I begin.. 24 Oct 2020 10:04 #1

I need TONS of help! I am so overwhelmed.
We have been through 3 mattresses in the last 5 years. The last two mattresses we've had have broken down prematurely on us and have left us with a lot of grief (financially and emotionally, not to mention the physical pain!)
Our current mattress is a warranty replacement, an Ashley Sleep Bonita Springs mattress, firm. It's definitely a budget mattress and was a bad decision, but we are shocked it hasn't even held up for a year.

There are 2"+ craters in both mine and my husband's sides of the bed.
My husband is 320 pounds, sleeps on his back, and is 6 feet tall.
I am 130 pounds, sleep on my side, and am 5'6.
It seems nearly impossible to find a mattress that meets both of our needs. We went with the firm mattress most recently after the sales person said it was the only way to eliminate the sagging issue. Obviously that is not the case, and since browsing the site, I have found that it's more because of the lack of quality fillers than the firmness causing the sagging.

I am still entirely too overwhelmed in figuring out the best mattress to get. We have spent so much time and money we don't have on mattresses that aren't working, that I feel like there's no way we'll find one we love. My current mattress has recently left me crippled, my back is a complete mess because of this bed. It also regularly leaves my arms numb from sleeping on my side.

Our budget is low, less than $2200 ideally. We're used to sub $1,000 or just at $1,000 beds, so doubling our budget is very difficult, albeit, necessary.

We also have a furniture bed frame and the original 6 year old box spring. We put a piece of plywood down on top of the slat bed frame, as someone told us along the way that with my husband's weight, it was necessary. We have no idea if it is, or if we just need a new box spring. We don't really want to part with the bed frame as it's a large furniture piece and really ties together the room. I would only consider it as a last resort.

The biggest issue is figuring out what direction to go in based on our very different body styles and sleep positions. I keep seeing Latex being thrown around. I've never laid on let alone slept on a Latex mattress, plus given our horrible track record with picking beds that we've actually laid on in store, I can't imagine doing it blindly online! Do we have to go latex for longevity due to my husband's weight? Are there other options? What should I even begin with? I don't want to make a $2,000 mistake on a l8ong bed that might leave me crippled again.

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Where do I begin.. 24 Oct 2020 15:08 #2

@KatieJay1989 - Sorry to hear about the difficulties you've experienced in your mattress journey, hopefully coming to TMU will be the first step in helping you find an appropriate mattress. As you pointed out it can be difficult finding a single mattress which would be suitable for both you and your husband due to the difference in your sizes and weights. I think the most logical solution would be a split firmness latex mattress or possibly a split latex hybrid. In such mattresses the latex on each side of the mattress can be designed to match each of your specific needs for support and comfort.

Two Trusted Members of TMU have extensive experience in such designs and have their own Expert Forums, Arizona Premium Mattress and Sleep EZ. You could either post your needs in their forums requesting their suggestions or give them a call to discuss your needs and potential solutions. You can also start by looking at their websites for additional details on their latex mattresses. Links to TMU Trusted Members and their Expert Forums are provided in the header of this site.

Hope that helps get started,

- Bill

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