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Comfort of wool mattresses? would love some feedback 28 Dec 2020 10:40 #1

I'm considering going for an all wool mattress from Surround / Cuddlewe.
Would love to hear from people about their ongoing experiences with their wool mattresses.
I have read some posts here about them but haven't found a lot of feedback.
Wondering how much getting used to is involved....? Are you happy with this ultimately ?
Does it work if you have pain? are a side sleeper?
Has anyone added springs under it or other supports that they have found worked well and added some bounce or contouring?

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Comfort of wool mattresses? would love some feedback 28 Dec 2020 12:22 #2

Hi Venus.

I know you are primarily looking for other consumers to chime in with their experiences, and I hope they do and are able to offer some useful comments for you.

I also just took a little dive into the forum to see if there was anything I could dig up`that might be useful for you with regards to wool beds and this is what I found...

This post reviewing an all wool mattress from the Heartfelt Collective. Another person chimes in in that thread with their wool mattress experience, as well.

There is also this Phoenix post all about wool and this thread discussing all-wool vs pocketed coils.

As you have likely already read in other threads, what works for one person differs widely between people based on their sleeping statistics (height, weight, pressure needs, comfort preferences) and the firm support of a wool bed may be a dream for one person and their preferences, but a nightmare for someone with similar stats, etc. I’d suggest reading about the dangers of making a decision based on reviews here. .

I know you also have a conversation going with Sensei and I know you are well guided in that regard!

Best of luck to you as you move forward in your mattress shopping experience, and here is to hoping a few other wool mattress users are able to pop in and offer some insight into their experiences.

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