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Custom Mattress- Energen Foam? 04 Feb 2021 06:30 #1

Bought a custom mattress this morning. We went back for a 3rd time to a local custom manufacturer this morning to decide between 2 configurations. Turns out after laying on them, the owner said "you know, this is similar to what I used to have on the floor that I now have in the back- but I'm not sure exactly what the layering was" long story short, my wife laid on the bed in the back and preferred that.
He opened up the mattress so we (and he) could see what was inside so he can build it for us. The layer I have question on is something he said was called "energen" he said its a 1 inch memory foam called energen. Has anyone heard of this foam? He said he ended up not using it much because it was cost prohibitive for the buyer.

FYI the bed is built as follows:
1 inch 4.3 lb gel memory foam
1 inch energen foam
2 inches nautral latex
6 inch pocket coil
1 inch base polyfoam (i asked to make this a 2nd inch to get to an overall 12 inches)

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Custom Mattress- Energen Foam? 04 Feb 2021 08:30 #2

After looking around a bit, he must have been talking about Energex not Energen. Looks like cursory comparison to some of Brooklyn Beddings stuff that I may have overpaid... But I guess not too badly. I was at $1600.

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Custom Mattress- Energen Foam? 04 Feb 2021 15:34 #3

Hi Spen55.

Energex is a high-quality polyfoam, one of the newer generation " high-performance polyfoams ." The foam is also more immediate in its response and not have the "hug" and "memory foam feel" quality that many people dislike. These high-performance polyfoams tend to be extremely durable and some of them are engineered to provide feels that are somewhat similar to latex, others similar to memory foam, and others simply versions unto themselves.

According to the manufacturer of Energex foam, it "bridges the gap between latex and memory foam by combining the superior pressure mapping of visco with the energetic feel of latex. It is ideally suited in bedding as a transition layer between the surface, which is comprised of memory foam and the base layer."

I hope this helps!
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