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Douglas Bed Failed, Cancelled Simmons at Last Second, Where to Go? 08 Apr 2021 06:15 #21

jimlaheytpb wrote: Thank you for your response MattreBuild I did not see this until now (that edit button strikes again)

I would be interested in knowing the cost of the broker? The best price I could find was insanely high but perhaps I was searching for the wrong thing. This is the only reason we didn't go with SleepEZ and it would be very unfortunate to hear that we have just placed an order for something we easily could have gotten from the US for cheaper.

Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner but this may help later even if you don't use it on this purchase. I use Derringer as a broker which you seem to have out there by BC as well (broker should be able to pick items up for you from a package mailbox if they aren't one themselves). Last shipment I had was around $4500 USD worth of stuff and the brokerage charges including all fees was around $230 USD (this does not include any duties or sales taxes on the value of the items you would have to pay at the border if you brought it over yourself). Keep in mind that shipping costs are not calculated as part of the value of the item but any state sales taxes are. USMCA (used to be called NAFTA) still excludes duty on almost all items made in the US/Canada/Mexico so those will likely be very small if any. There's some base (minimum) fees when using brokerages so economy of scale is your friend when using them. Also this was all personal stuff not for a business or anything like that so the process and costs may be different when going that route. They just bring it to the other side of the border and you need to meet them to load and bring it all home. If they need to transport it further than that, you will get charged for delivery mileage which can get quite expensive for sure. Most brokers make at least one trip across per day so it's not a big deal to change dates for meeting them.

Sweet Dreams wrote: The covers that SoL uses for their mattresses (not the topper covers) incorporate wool which sometimes has an odor which I found to be unpleasant. The wool they use has a farm like scent which seems to vary by batch due to natural differences in the wool itself and their processing. Of course we all have different sensitivities so YMMV would seem to apply here.

That makes alot of sense since wool is very oily (has lanolin, it's why it insulates well even when wet). It could likely carry quite a bit of animal scent if not cleaned perfectly as you suggested or perhaps even if it was left there deliberately to maintain some sort of Eco/Organic branding or marketing standard. Like you said there's a very tiny bit of rubbery smell if you shove your nose right into the SOL foam or smell your hands after muscling the layers around but my wife has never said a word about our mattress and she's pretty sensitive to that stuff.

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