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Welcome to The Mattress Underground FORUM! :cheer:
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Stuck having to exchange at Sleep Country - what should I do? 08 Apr 2021 09:17 #1

Hi there,

I've spent ages searching this forum and have found it super helpful.... but too late. Now I'm hoping you might be able to advise as we're in a bit of a mattress situation. Note, all mattresses below are Queen-sized, and we are an average-sized couple, aged 39 and 40, with no special healthcare or sleep needs. Sometimes we sleep on our sides, sometimes on our backs, never on our fronts.

10 years ago we bought a Simmons Beautyrest Elation (that was the name SleepCountry called it - it cost about $600), largely because it was designed so that if one partner moved/got up, the other partner didn't feel it so much. We set this up on a box spring. This worked, it was great, and we loved it. But in the last year, it started to sag and give us bad backs. So, we went to replace it.

We went back to Sleep Country, because we didn't know any better, and we tried out a ton of different mattresses, happy to spend more money now we're earning more than 10 years ago, and wanting to invest in something that would be good. We ended up buying the Sealy Posturepedic Marvel, and in the meantime, also bought a high end wooden bed frame with slats from a separate local woodworking company. The slats are too far apart for the mattress warranty requirements however, and so we have put pegboard down under the mattress to support it as required.

But since we got the Sealy Posturepedic Marvel home two days ago, we've got problems.

- The mattress is getting really hot. Like, sweaty hot.
- I don't like the soft pilllowy feeling on top.
- When my partner moves, I move and wake up. We can't seem to find our own space on the mattress without disturbing each other.
- My upper back is feeling stiff when I wake up and for the rest of the morning.
- Yesterday morning, my partner's upper back started suddenly hurting.

In the store, the other mattress we were considering was the Dormeo Two. So we were thinking of just switching the Marvel for the Dormeo Two and hoping that works.

But now, I'm wondering if we've just gone too crazy with the expense and the foam, when all we really need is a simple pocket coil mattress like before. The Simmons Beautyrest Silver Emerald seems to be comparable to the old Elation that we bought 10 years ago - should we just aim for that one? Or is our change in set up (old box spring -> wooden slats with pegboard ) causing these problems? All help gratefully accepted!

Whatever we do, we have to get it from Sleep Country sadly....

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