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Slats Spaced Further Than 3" Max for Latex 20 Apr 2021 10:14 #1

Slats Spaced Further Than 3" Max for Latex:

Hi all,

After much consideration I made the leap and purchased a Sleepez Organic Latex 9" queen mattress (Firm Dunlop, Medium Dunlop, Soft Talalay - all layers split).

My issue is I currently have a KD Frames - 'Fold' Platform Bed, queen size . Although the 54" long Popular 2x1 wood slats are sturdy in design, the current slat spacing is 4 inches wide, which is a problem as the warranty covers no larger than a 3" gap.

I will speak directly with Sleep Ez about this, however would like some input as to modification options.

I feel if I put a stiff, non-flexing natural material, like a 1" Coir Hair Bed Rug or a rush grass tatami mat underneath, that could evenly distribute the weight of the mattress along the foundation and prevent the latex from sagging between the slats. I was considering two 1/4" Thick Folding Tatami Mat (27.5"x79") or this 1/2" Folding Queen Tatami Mat (60"x80") , although maybe a thicker tatami mat may be needed. Here's a thicker 1.2" Tatami Mat (35.4"x78.7") , but as you can see would be wider than 60" across.

Speaking with Roger at Sleep Ez, he recommends putting a 3/4" plywood down. I'm not in a humid environment, so mold is not an issue, but Roger reassured me if it was, the cotton cover would be what could need replacing if there was a mold issue, very unlikely the latex, as it is mold inhibitive. Roger said I would meet warranty parameters this way and that the plywood may warp over time and I may need to replace it.

I could add plywood, and since my bed frame is wood, physically screw the two together, although I would prefer not to modify the bed frame if necessary.

Weigh in on Latex Investment for Young Person Moving in Life:

All of this is unfortunately making me reconsider whether latex is the suitable investment for me at this point in my life as I'm young and will move in the future, so separately I wouldn't mind some weigh in opinions on that.

I'm a 30 year old female, 130 lb. 5 ft.-3in., with lower back pain from sitting at a desk.

I was drawn to purchasing latex because it is a natural product, biodegradable, no petrol-chemicals or weak points of polyurethane foam, organic cotton/wool, appreciate the organic certification because I understand I'm certifying a certain standard of manufacturing process, including ethical wages, and environmental conditions. I like that I can customize my mattress, for myself and a partner. I like that the cover is 360-zip. I like that the mattress will last, not end up in landfill, and I could resell it and retain value. And I like supporting a family-run 44 year business with great customer service, warranty, and trade out layer policy.

But I am young, and I will be moving. So my opposite inclination would go with the cheapest thing known to mankind, an innerspring or polyurethane foam, with the idea that it lasts me 3-5 years and/or I resell in that time or give away just due to the low cost and or wear at that point. I will probably be moving within 2 years. So although I understand this is a completely subjective decision in terms of weighing trade-offs I was curious on your opinions and possible recommendations for something cheap.

I understand they are polar opposite decisions. Any thoughts are welcome.

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Slats Spaced Further Than 3" Max for Latex 20 Apr 2021 15:06 #2

Hi. Don't let frame modification concerns derail your latex investment. I wish I'd known about such mattresses when younger instead of sleeping on box store monstrosities. Roger helped me a great deal when I bought from Latex Mattress Factory and Sleep EZ. His advice is sound. If modifications aren't palatable, consider getting a new queen foundation with the necessary slat measurements like Sleep EZ's. I speak as a satisfied customer of theirs when I say this.

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Slats Spaced Further Than 3" Max for Latex 08 May 2021 05:10 #3

Even if you don't go with latex, I don't think you should get the cheapest mattress. A good mattress is important at any age, and like the other person who replied, I wish I had discovered latex long ago. I'm no expert, but I do have a few things I'd like to mention:

* I noticed on the Sleep EZ website that their warranty if void if you use a frame with bed slats that are more than 3" apart. But I'm looking into that now (that's how I found your post). I was also told that you can just ask a local lumber place to cut slats for you. You should be able to place the new slats in your existing frame. I don't think it will be too expensive, although I still don't know. Seems like it will cost under $100, but it is a significant cost. So if you do buy on Sleep EZ, get assurance from them that what you are planning to use won't void the warranty.

* I don't think people are inclined to buy used mattresses. It's best to just keep them.

* I've always taken my beds with me when I've moved. So the possibility of moving shouldn't deter you from getting a mattress and keeping it for many years.

* And again, your youth shouldn't deter you from getting a high-quality mattress, especially if you have back pain. Getting a mattress that supports your back and joints now will have long-lasting effects, as will buying the kinds of cheap mattresses that I bought before I understood more about mattresses.

I hope that's helpful.


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