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Posh and Lavish Relax Mattress Latex Make-up 05 Sep 2021 10:20 #1

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking here for a least 3 weeks, and have learned so much. Thank you! Yesterday, I visited my local mattress dealer and tested about 10 mattresses with my partner. My personal favorite was the Post and Lavish Relax, which their website describes as a medium-firm. I would like to DIY a mattress similar to this one. The Posh Website gives no indication of the construction of this latex mattress. The salesman stated that it was made of a Dunlop core with an ILD of 44. He also stated that it only had a 1-inch topper with an ILD of 26. Whatever its make-up, I found that it was comfortable on my side and stomach (which is the position I am experiencing some back pain on my current mattress). I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of what I could do to recreate this mattress feel. I am not sure I trust the salesman's description as well. In my mind, it does not seem possible to gain good side support with only a 1-inch topper on top of a firm core. But maybe my size lets me experience the mattress that way and it is correct? I am just seeking out more veteran opinions on this matter.

I weigh about 205 pounds right now, am 6 feet tall, and am a combination sleeper. I usually fall asleep on my side and can wake up on my stomach or my back. My partner (5'6" and 120 pounds) is a self-described "professional" sleeper and can sleep on anything. She even liked a latex mattress that had a 44 ILD core with a 36 ILD topper which I thought was way too firm.

Thank you in advance for any responses! I love this site. Have a great day.

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Posh and Lavish Relax Mattress Latex Make-up 14 Sep 2021 18:38 #2

Hi Nocal530.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

I apologize for the delay in replying to your inquiry! We are glad to hear you've enjoyed the resources on this site and have learned a lot.

It's great you were able to do some testing in person to get a feel for what you like. Your instinct is correct. As someone of a larger build, and as a combo sleeper, 1" of comfort layer over a firm base likely isn't going to meet your support and comfort needs in the long term.

It's also no surprise that it was comfortable on your stomach - as a flatter sleeping profile, a thinner comfort layer is usually ideal. In the case of a DIY, it's usually useful to talk to the experts at the place you'd be purchasing your DIY layers from. Ken Hightower, for example, at Arizona Premium has excellent components and is extremely knowledgable in DIY builds.

Because you are a combo sleeper, I would suggest considering a 3 part build with a firm base layer, a medium/medium-firm transition layer, and then a soft/medium comfort layer (based of course and your needs and preferences). The comfort layer should be a little thinner than your "deepest” sleeping position would normally require (typically side sleeping) and the support layer underneath would act to help you to sink in a little extra when you need it.

I know there are a few DIYers in here who have similar builds to you who may chime in as well.

I hope this helps you get started! We are here with questions you may have along the way.
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