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Best type of mattress for Adjustable base 09 Sep 2021 08:47 #1

Hello again,
We are still looking for an mattress to replace an almost-ten-year-old latex, which has been fine until a few months ago when I started having morning backaches as soon as I got up. After sitting with a heating pad on my lower bad for an hour or so, the pain is gone, until the next morning.

Every day after lunch I relax in bed, with both ends raised, just a little, and rest for an hour or so. I weigh only about 135 lbs so that can’t be too hard on the mattress.

We have visited a few mattress showrooms in our area and none have any latex mattresses. Most of the ones on display are very thick, none 8” like our present one.
Many are displayed on adjustable bases, with the head raised, and big fat wrinkles where the mattress is bent. I can’t imagine that would be comfortable, and must put considerable strain on the materials.

I’m writing today to ask for advice on what type of mattress should be used with our adjustable base, and where to buy one. And if latex, which type? I read that Talalay is superior?

When we visited a mattress showroom the other day we were told that there is a 7-month delivery time for pretty well everything these days, due to supply problems.
From reading this forum I have learned that it’s possible to make your own mattress and materials can be purchased online. Would that be a possibility for us, with no experience? Would I be able to buy a piece of 8” thick latex?

I should mention that a few weeks ago we went ahead with our plan to cut our latex mattress in half crosswise, rotate each piece 180 degrees and put them back in the cover. That did help, but only for about 2 weeks. I suppose that means that the latex has deteriorated over time, and had not lost support only where it bears most of our weight. But it did tell me that the mattress is the cause of my backaches.

Thanks for reading this, and we would appreciate any advice.


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Best type of mattress for Adjustable base 09 Sep 2021 18:24 #2

Hi HappyHunter.

Sorry to hear you're struggling to find that perfect match and sleeping on a mattress that hurts your back.

Is your current mattress 8" of a single ILD?

Arizona Premium sells a 6" and 2" cut that you could pair for an 8" configuration and Latex Mattress Factory sells 2 and 3" cuts. FloBeds allows you to customize a 9" configuration and DIY Natural Bedding does custom latex cuts.

I hope this helps.
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