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Durability of Mattress 21 Sep 2021 21:16 #1

Hey there, so I'm having trouble deciding on a couple twin mattresses based on some of the specs and the PPP I've already conducted on the mattress in the first link (I'm the only one going to be sleeping on this mattress). The second mattress I've yet to test out, however, on the technical side I'd like to know if the first and second mattress are good quality according to your expertise.

My info:
BMI: 23
Height: 170cm or 5' 7"
Weight: 149 pounds
Combo sleeper

Sleep Factory King Koil Brenda Mattress

I layed down on this mattress in store for about 5-7 minutes approximately and found that it aligned me pretty well. My current one feels a little on the firm side, but I've also had it for many years now, possibly 7 years and I sleep on it fine, however, since I have the opportunity, I would like to try a medium since I felt very comfortable. This seems to be substantiated not only by other forums including this one online as good for combo sleepers but along with my own experience testing in store.. Measured in-store that it adds up to 10" thick and it does.

Additional Specs for King Koil Mattress
Comfort layer adds up to 3" thick
Support Coils is 7"
Foam density of 1.8 lbs
550 coils for twin

Beautyrest Ultra Jordan

Found this one a little while ago, and found that it looks to be a well constructed mattress compared to the King Koil one. At the moment, I do not have additional info (I can acquire this info, but it may take a little time) but supposing it meets some of the basic requirements, like the polyfoam being 1.8 lbs per cubic feet, and no lower density foam being more than around an inch or so, and the quilting also not being too thick (assuming I can find that info because apparently most reps I ask don't have this specific detail) - then would it be reasonable to assume that going for this option would be better?

This is also leaving out my PPP, which I understand that it is important to have that info, but hypothetically speaking, if it met that requirement as well, would you recommend it? I know it's a little difficult to answer that maybe but I've been spending a lot of time trying to understand what would work best.

I am heavily leaning towards the King Koil mattress because it fits my budget far better and it seems to meet some of the important requirements to achieving a long lasting mattress.

Apologies for being long winded, hopefully I was clear in my explanation. If someone could possibly clear anything thing up for me in terms of what specific requirements I should look for (including how much of whatever that may be) then I'd greatly appreciate it! I'd rather be wrong and corrected than wrong and face the consequence down the line.

Thank you!

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Durability of Mattress 23 Sep 2021 18:17 #2

Hi SilentSleeper2220.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Thanks for sharing your stats with us and some of your mattress testing history.

Let's start with the second mattress first. I was unable to find any additional details, and as the BeautyRest line is owned by Simmons, it's unlikely they'd ever disclose the densities of the foams in their comfort layers. If you can get your hands on that information, it would certainly be helpful.

I ran into similar problems with the King Koil you are considering. It doesn't appear they disclosed the density of the foam(s) in the comfort layer. The benefit this mattress has over the other is that you've been sleeping on this brand/model already for 7 years with no durability issues which gives you a real life "data point" as it were. And, you've also done some in person testing and know more or less what to expect in terms of comfort and support on this mattress.

So, (in the case of both of these mattresses) it would really come down to how the mattress feels to you...with the understanding that they may contain materials that could affect its overall durability. It's possible you have seen us mention this in other posts, but it's really impossible for us to choose between two (or four, or six, etc.) mattresses for you, as ultimately only you can feel what you feel on a mattress and know what you like in terms of comfort and support. What we can do is help guide you in terms of durability where specifications are available.

In this case, I'm sorry I was unable to find additional specifications to help you make your choice.
Should you come across the complete specifications for either or both of these mattresses, I'm happy to look at those!

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Durability of Mattress 23 Sep 2021 21:20 #3

Hey Nikki! Thanks for the response!

Just to be clear, the current mattress I have is a Sealy Posturepedic Queen Mattress I believe, not King Koil (which is one of the mattresses I'm looking at). So far the Sealy one has been pretty good and no sagging or indentation that I can visibly see or feel. I'm downsizing because I don't use the other half at all and can use the extra space for other things as well as it is more cost friendly to go for a twin size. Apologies if I didn't make that apparent!

The King Koil Mattress, according to the chat support I had spoken to, carries a 1.8 lb density in the comfort layers. I asked if this applies to all 3 layers (even though I kind of doubt it) and they said yes. It won't always be that chat support will have these details but I believe them in this case. So, with that being said, I had a little more peace with this one since it's hard to find these specific details from different retailers or manufacturers sometimes (or they take quite some time to respond).

I did read that 1.8 lbs should be good. My concern is that there's a TON of mattresses on the market and it's just a overwhelming hassle to settle on one mattress and feel like you're getting what you paid for. Ultimately, as time has gone by. I've been leaning towards this King Koil mattress the most because I have more knowledge of this mattress than any others - and I had also tested this one in store (and will be going again for a second test because my first test I didn't lay down long enough).

One mattress has caught my eye though. It's this Serta Perfectsleeper Mattress. Yet to hear back from online chat support on specific details though (will also be testing in store as well soon). www.sleepfactory.com/serta-special-edition-euro-top-mattress-medium-firm/
Now, I know generally that the opinion on these major manufacturers is not highly regarded as, "getting the best bang for your buck", due to misleading tactics, however, it does seem to be pretty good. I'm still wary, but suppose it has a minimum 1.8 lbs density - based on specs alone, do you think technically it would warrant bumping up to this? What would you be looking for in both these mattresses (king koil and serta) in order for them to be worth it on a technical level?

If I do ever get more details, I'll be sure to report if nothing else comes up!

Gotta be honest though, this mattress stuff is exhausting....
But thank for your help so far!

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Durability of Mattress 24 Sep 2021 18:13 #4

Hi SilentSleeper2220.

Thanks for the clarifications.

If the King Koil really does have the 1.8 lb density in the comfort layers, then I'd say this is a completely viable option in terms of durability and if it matches your PPP, there's no reason (beyond just wanting something else haha) not to buy it. The fact that they were willing to be transparent is also a good sign. It means they care about giving you the adequate information to make an informed purchase.

I'll be interested to hear what you learn about the Serta Perfectsleeper. If you're able to get your hands on specifications and share those here, that would be fantastic! We do as a rule sort of steer clear of the big name brands but not because *everything* they sell is poor quality. It's just that these mattresses are mass manufactured to fit the widest audience possible, but in the process, don't serve a pretty large portion of the population (especially those with heavier frames or who need much thicker or thinner comfort layers, have chemical sensitivities, etc). It's entirely possible and plausible to find a mattress from an S brand that you love, and if that happens we're totally here to cheer you on. We also make it a point to push for transparency, as these larger brands frequently hide behind "proprietary blends" and don't want to share the densities of their foams, when in all reality, it's because they usually know the foams are a "weak link" that could deter certain customers.

I have a nearly identical profile to you in terms of height, weight, and being a combo sleeper. I would be looking for the minimum foam density of 1.8 lbs and also feeling like they care about my questions. I personally would also be looking for about 3" of comfort layer material. In testing, I'd be checking to make sure all my "gaps" are comfortably supported when on my side, but that my back stays in alignment on my stomach.

I hope I've been able to help with something said above :)

Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial. . Click here for TMU Discount Codes if purchasing from Our Trusted Members.
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Durability of Mattress 25 Sep 2021 17:55 #5

Alright, I'm here to report back!

Firstly, thank you for the information, that helps as it reassures my thinking of some of these mattresses and thoughts of what I should be looking for. Okay, so I asked the online chat support for some more info, and it's interesting.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Special Edition Eurotop Mattress
So the Serta apparently has a 1.8lbs density in euro top and support foam. This is the same as the King Koil Brenda Mattress. Now, it has more thickness overall at around 13" (3 more inches than Brenda) so it probably provides more comfort, but only at the same density as the King Koil mattress (not sure how much exactly this matters, or maybe it does quite a bit?). The quilting has 20. oz polyester blended with the quilt to make it approximately 1.5" thick. It also has 600 coils.

Compared to the brenda I can see why it costs more but I'm not sure if going from $539 to $699 (including the boxsprings here as well) is justified. I've yet to test out the serta mattress, but even if I were to get it I don't know if it's worth it... I'll have to test this in store I guess.

And while I did this digging I also came across King Koil Caroline Mattress which is a firm mattress (I also tested this one out). www.sleepfactory.com/king-koil-caroline-pocket-coil-euro-top-medium-firm/

Details of Caroline Mattress
550 coils
density of 1.9lbs
firm mattress compared to brenda

Now the current one I sleep on is a little firm and resembles the Caroline in comfort a bit. I have this new mattress protector that seems to be breathable and soft. Suppose I put this overtop the Caroline, would this be a good way of achieving a longer lasting mattress but with the added benefit of the protector giving me some cushion? I ask because I think on average firmer mattresses tend to last longer. Or I could get the Brenda, but the mattress protector might add more cushion. If the Caroline is great with the protector, would you recommend this as a work around to a long lasting mattress? Otherwise, the Brenda would be great still, I suppose.

Hopefully that all made sense. And thank you for the help so far! I think I'm nearing the end here so I won't have to ask many more questions!

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