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Worried about fiberglass in my Wayfair mattresses, what do I do, toss them? 26 Sep 2021 17:17 #1

So I haven't found any issues with the fiberglass, but recently I found out fiberglass is in the shell of the mattress?
Long story short this sounds super scary and I don't want to eventually break this down and breath it over time.

I've had these since February and I think I'll just go back to a spring mattress no problem.

Can anyone reccomennd a budget spring plush mattress that isn't going to kill me in 20 years please? or am I panicking for no reason?

Here are the ones I had (3 of them)

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Worried about fiberglass in my Wayfair mattresses, what do I do, toss them? 27 Sep 2021 23:11 #2

Hi AdaBowden

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

Too bad that you had to find out this way about the contents of your mattress. Yes, this mattress uses some Fiberglass as its FR solution and it looks like the fiberglass particles have migrated through the mattress cover. Wayfair posts this warning on their site
“Fiberglass Warning
WARNING: Do not remove the mattress cover under any circumstances. Removing the mattress cover will damage the fire protection and pose health and safety risks.”

It's certainly not unusual to see fiberglass for lower budget range mattresses in their inherent fire barrier either by itself or in combination with other materials ( see here for an example) and sometimes it can be used as part of the quilting in the cover or as a sock that encloses the foam layers in a mattress. There is some fairly detailed and technical information about fiberglass inherent fire barriers in this patent application although this is probably more technical than you may want to know. It is a "non-chemical" fire barrier and most people would consider it to be "safe enough". Some people (myself included) may not be comfortable with the possibility of some of the very fine fiberglass particles migrating through the mattress and being inhaled.

Before you rush to replace this mattress I’d make sure to read the mattress shopping tutorial here which has the basic information, steps, and guidelines including suggestions about how to approach mattress shopping that can simplify your search and help you make the best possible choices. I’d also read this article about the Mattress specifications you need to know and determine your personal value equation and what is important to you.

Once you get accustomed to the basic information you need to know before a mattress purchase you can safely start perusing through the trusted member's listings of manufacturers/resellers of innerspring and hybrid mattresses .

Let us know if you have additional questions once you have a chance to peruse these readings and find a few mattress options that fit your criteria

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