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Allergy to ALL latex and memory foam 16 Oct 2021 11:20 #1

Unfortunately, I have a huge sensitivity (allergy) to all latex..(incl talalay) and memory foam…SO.. trying to find a new mattress to replace my current kingSdown..
My kingsdown monroe worked great for 10+ years…NOW..sagging..and I need something softer!!..(a senior)..(kingsdown now different ownership)
In Canada…Chatham kent, ontario…

Could use some help for a new mattress…just recently tried “endy”. No luck…(loved the softness…)..also tried a 3” talalay topper…with organic cotton cover…twin XL…from Vancouver,,,,no luck…(will be selling)…

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Allergy to ALL latex and memory foam 20 Oct 2021 07:25 #2

Hey Rocklady,

Welcome to TMU and thanks for your question :) !

Congrats on your new mattress shopping adventure! Could you offer some personal details that will help us understand what type mattress may be better suited for you? Please share your height, weight, body type, preferred sleeping position(s), as well as those of your SO if two will be using the mattress. Also, what size mattress are you purchasing and what is your budget? Sorry to hear of your latex and memory foam sensitivities, but thanks for mentioning what materials you plan to avoid. Perhaps a mattress using natural fibers would make a good alternative. While we do not make recommendations for a particular mattress brand, we can help with questions regarding a model's durability, once you begin narrowing choices down. As you begin your research, be sure and check out Phoenix's Mattress 101 primer, "Five Steps to Your Perfect Mattress" for tips and advice. Good luck with your research and keep us updated when you have time ;) .

Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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