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Trying to match a mattress feel and also decide if latex is for me 21 Nov 2021 20:10 #1

Hi forum, found my way here from reddit. Ive read a ton and have been surprised to find that its hard to find a latex mattress to try in my area. I started my search at mattress firm and the serta i series 3000 is my favorite feel of most anything i have laid on. Many things feel fine, but i loved the amount of total body encapsulation i felt without feeling overly plush. Kind of like i sank a perfect inch onto it. Several plush things feel too plush. Im 5’10 and although im losing weight slowly, im still 215lbs. Mostly back sleeper some side. Sleep apnea religious cpap use.

Now, i know serta isnt a great brand. I know this well because our previous memory foam serta icomfort crapped out in just a few years. Idont want to buy another, but that bed feels best.

I just dont know if latex is for me. The airloom with talay topper felt amazing but is out of range. The purple 3 is ok, not off putting not amazing, probably comfortable based on in-store. The airloom is probably #2 on my in store love the feel list and the sealy silver chill plush is #3. All the rest were anywhere from ok to ick. (Tempur was closer to ick excpet the top end models)

If i go online, is there any combo/spec that mimics my preferences from those in store ones while also getting a more quality bed?

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Trying to match a mattress feel and also decide if latex is for me 23 Nov 2021 19:02 #2

Hi Codude.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Thanks for joining us all the way from reddit! I've seen some pretty interesting mattress conversations in the mattress feed over there. Long time lurker :)

To take some words from Phoenix...

While you usually won't find an mattress that is "equivalent" to a “target” mattress you have tested locally made by a different manufacturer... in some cases the "art and science" of approximating a mattress has already been done to a large extent and an online manufacturer or retailer may have already "matched" their mattresses to a specific mattress. In other cases they may be aware that one of their mattresses is a close approximation to another mattress based on their own personal experience (even if it isn't in the mattress description) so if the mattress it approximates is available locally then this would give you a chance to test a specific local mattress that was a reasonably close approximation to a mattress you are considering online. Attempting to find something that is exactly the same would be an exercise in futility and often a frustrating experience especially if you are trying to do that on your own. There is more information in post #9 here about the different ways that one mattress can "match" or "approximate" another one. This being said you could be put on the right track by seeking guidance from an experienced manufacturer or retailer (like those in our Trusted Members , who would be much more qualified to best approximate a mattress feel based on all the specs and the personal needs and preferences you may provide.

You may also find this forum topic by a DIYer who was trying to replicate an iSeries 3000 interesting, especially as it pertains to combo/specs that mimic your preferences.

I hope this gives you a useful launching point. Please do come back if and when more questions arise!
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