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Latex & wool free adjustable bed 29 Nov 2021 12:25 #1

For my 40th birthday next year, I'm FINALLY planning to upgrade to an adjustable bed. The problem is, almost all the ones available seem to contain latex and/or wool, both of which I am allergic to. Are there any recommendations you can make for a Latex-Free, Wool-Free adjustable queen-size bed that will comfortably hold a single 350lb, 5'10" person?

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Latex & wool free adjustable bed 01 Dec 2021 00:09 #2

Hi gorjessina17.

Welcome to our mattress forum! :)

Congrats on your upcoming 40 years anniversary and decision to upgrade to an adjustable system and mattress.

Regardless of the material of choice for your mattress, I always suggest that higher weight range individuals do a bit of due diligence regarding mattress longevity and how long they can expect to sleep well on any particular mattress.. I’d start by reading the mattress specifications you need to know so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here This is especially important as you have eliminated latex as a choice in your mattress, which would have been the most durable of all types of foams.

Having a high BMI presents special challenges and generally requires firmer materials (in the support layers especially). This could be firmer HD or HR foams or innersprings (the type of support component would be a personal preference and in the right design either could be suitable) or even a zoned construction. The same overall guidelines apply with higher weights though that PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) along with using high-quality durable materials that will maintain their feel and performance for longer periods of time are the way to make the best choices. Heavier people, in general, will need firmer and thicker comfort layers and firmer support layers than those who are lighter and because no materials will last as long with much higher weights the quality and durability of the materials and components is even more important than normal. I’d base your choices on your own personal testing. Post #3 here has more information and suggestions about heavier weights that are worth reading. You’d just want to be sure that the memory foam was a higher density (5lb), and that the memory foam layers were not too thick, and that the support structure and other foams were appropriate for higher BMI individuals

Generally The mattress shopping tutorial here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines including suggestions about how to test a mattress for what is called PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can simplify your search and help you make the best possible choices according to your personal value equation

Once you have a chance to read the information provided and the links included, you can safely start to look for a new sleeping system that is appropriate for your PPP
At a quick scan through our members here are some manufacturers/retailers that carry innersprings, hybrid, all foam, and memory foam mattresses: :
• Escondido Mattress has a Hand Made Inner Spring Mattresses made the old fashion way that Daniel could customize to your needs.
• Fox mattress has a few ready-made options and also the possibility to custom-made a mattress for you.
Gardner Mattress also has a few options that do not include latex or wool
• It’s worth chatting with [urlhttps://www.ghostbed.com/products/ghostbed-flex?irclickid=xjoSFlVpBxyOT-ewUx0Mo36HUkG2YbUKhWBD3U0&irgwc=1&partner_id=1412395&utm_campaign=577565&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=impact] Ghost Bed [/url] as they has a few foam mattresses provided that they use at least 5lbs density for any memory foam in their mattress.
Magic Sleeper has a few options that might be suitable for you
Mattress Makers offers a large selection of foam and innerspring mattresses.
Mattress To Go also has a great selection and can skillfully guide you towards a product that has the best chance to be a good match for you.
Nest Bedding also has a few good options to look at especially as they provide zippered covers that would allow you to replace any comfort layer that starts breaking down the road.
Oklahoma Mattress
Texas Mattress Makers
Poly, Memory Foam, Combos & Other listings

When you are down to a couple of finalists let us know if you have additional questions.
Good luck on your mattress shopping journey.
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