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Cheapest source of Latex International Natural Talalay? 24 Mar 2012 01:08 #1

Hi all,

I'm planning to either purchase a complete mattress or a few individual layers of different ILD ratings of Latex International Talalay, and a wool zippered cover.

I'm thinking about a complete SleepEZ at this point instead of a DIY approach, just to keep things easier, but if I can save quite a bit of cash, I'll happily DIY.

I'm not entirely sure what ILD and thickness I need, but I'm thinking a 2" top layer of soft natural talalay latex and a bottom layer of 5-6" medium ILD. The hubby is fairly skinny at 5'8", 150lbs, back sleeper and I'm small as well, 5'2", 100lbs, side sleeper, so I think this will work fairly well for us.

Does anyone know what the cheapest solution to cover our bases would be? We want the wool cover to keep out the nasty flame retardants, and the natural talalay from Latex International for the natural factor. We'd also being upgrading our current Full to a Queen. We're trying to keep it down to $1500 max.

Oh, also, we live in Central Florida (near Daytona Beach) but we haven't had much luck locally.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Re: Cheapest source of Latex International Natural Talalay? 24 Mar 2012 02:10 #2

Hi egg,

The first place I would try is www.foxmattress.com/ in Holly Hill who is one of the manufacturing members of this site to see if they have a mattress that fits what you are looking for. They don't sell DIY to my knowledge but they carry "finished" latex mattresses that have great quality and value. Rick the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful.

If the quality and value was comparable ... I would personally tend to go with a local purchase that I could actually test for pressure relief and support.

Unfortunately ... 100% natural Talalay made by Latex international is more difficult to find and more expensive in loose layers and this requirement would eliminate most of the places where you could get lower cost Talalay. It would also likely be more than your budget. For example from SLAB ... a 6" ($1126) plus 2" ($383) would already be $1508 without a cover.

If Fox Mattress doesn't carry what you are looking for (and they do make a 6" + 2" talalay latex mattress) and SLAB is too expensive ... I would probably call both SleepEz and Mattresses.net to ask what it would cost to order the layers you want using Latex International 100% natural latex in the ILD's you want (since they both can source the 100% natural from either LI or Radium).

You may wish to consider blended talalay or Radium 100% natural talalay as well to stay inside a inside a $1500 budget.

If you don't already have one ... you will also need a base to go under the mattress.

I think your specs are right in the ballpark :)

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