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normal Memory Foam Mattress Help

06 Nov 2017 17:35 #131 by Ari

Ha I know. Princess and the pea..not a fairytale !

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18 Aug 2018 08:59 #132 by Caeser

Hi Phoenix,

Is there a similar list like this available that's more up to date? This is a great resource but most of the densities and mattresses have changed on this list since you've posted it.


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18 Aug 2018 10:26 #133 by Ari

what are you looking for? I needed a medium firm memory foam.
I have a nectar and a tempurpdic contour elite, happy with both though the Nectar kinda slept unevenly (softened in a very short period of time on one side) which led me to buying the tempurpdic contour elite.

If you are on a tight budget the nectar is a good price and if it it is not defective lol it is a medium firm.

I like the nectar a lot but consistency with them seems to be a big problem, for example when the one side of the bed softened for no reason they sent another one with no support at all LOL so i just kept the first one and put it in another room.

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20 Aug 2018 18:34 #134 by Phoenix

Hi Cesar,

Thanks for activating this thread and pointing out to the changed lineups. I 've updated the memory foam listings in post #12 here and removed a few links in previous posts pointing to discontinued or modified lines. I did not check up on the non-members entries yet but will have another sweep through sometime soon as time permits.

It is quite difficult to maintain and keep up to date records and listings of retailer/manufacturers in across the country in an ever-changing landscape of the mattress industry but as we come across new information we revisit and edit the old listings to add/remove any relevant information. ;) but feel free to point out if there is something that escaped my attention in this thread.


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11 Jan 2019 03:25 #135 by 560andrising

I know the Foamorder conversation took place in 2017 but I recently spoke with them and confirmed that all of their foams are Certipur certified, so not just the company but the actual foam itself. Also, Foamorder said they have recently changed their density from 5.3-lb 4.5-lb. I'm trying to figure out how much of a difference this makes but am proceeding with caution now.

Side question: A few companies are now using 5.3-lb foam only, in 3" or 4" layers. Are they typically of the same firmness throughout the entire 3" or 4" layer, or is there variation so that there is a softer portion on top of a firmer portion? Reps from the companies seem to be fairly uninformed when asked these type of questions. It's tough to know whether they are simply stating their mattress with such configurations is akin to, say, a Cloud Supreme, or if it really has been designed with that mattress in mind. Many of the companies have trial periods that require the buyer to pay for return shipping, making a leap of faith hard to commit to. The one thing I like about Tempur-Pedic is that the mattresses can always be demoed in-store.

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11 Jan 2019 04:10 #136 by 560andrising

Ari and Phoenix, this thread is a wealth of information, particularly due to the exchanges you two have had over time. Thank you!

Ari, do you mind sharing your weight? You seem to have had some of the same issues as I am currently having in trying to figure out how to make an online purchase as successful as possible, while dealing with return/exchange policies that are either costly or nonexistent. It shouldn't be this hard, haha!!

I wanted to contribute to this thread by letting you all know that there have been changes to a few popular beds. Christeli finally shared their density with me, though they initially stated they no longer share this info and asked me not to post anything online. I won't do that, but will say that they no longer have any beds with 5.3-lb density at all. Not one. Foamorder went from 5-lb to 4.5-lb density for all of their mattresses. Novosbed's firm has 3” of 2.5-lb memory foam on top of 1” of 4-lb memory foam with a 7” 1.75-lb poly foam base. The medium that used to have 5-lb memory foam is mostly 4-lb foam with the 1.75-lb poly foam base.

The Christeli info broke my spirit, lol!! My wife and I went back to a mattress store and tried the Cloud Supreme and Rhapsody Luxe and decided we liked the Cloud Supreme more, though the Rhapsody Luxe was still solid, just a little firm. I've started considering Cloud Supreme clones instead of Rhapsody Luxe clones but doubt my every decision now. No way of knowing how we'll feel about either option long-term since we've never had a memory foam mattress. We just like the feel a lot and are tired of the innerspring mattress we've had. Also, we didn't vibe with Latex and don't want to go that route.

Anyway, just wanted to share some new info and a bit of whats going on with us. I'm 225 pounds and the wife is 190 pounds. We'll figure it out one day but I wanted to have this done before Monday, when classes start back. Work and school are gonna leave no time for this intense level of mattress research, haha!

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11 Jan 2019 04:39 #137 by Ari

I was around your wife’s weight when I bought the contour elite, the clouds were too soft and would end up hammocking. I could feel my hips sinking too low in the store.
The rhapsody luxe felt good in one store and too soft in the other, the contour elite felt a bit firm and the contour supreme hurt LOL I have an adjustable base so it was easier to break the bed in, first night I can say I was worried I made a mistake but after that I was comfy.
Be careful though as tempurpdics new lines are using very low quality base foam 1.6lb and I don’t know how those will hold up.
I went though many bed in a box ...all were either too soft to be supportive or hard as rocks
I’m happy with the contour elite , it’s the first bed in years I didn’t return within the trial period lol that says something for me anyway

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11 Jan 2019 07:09 #138 by 560andrising

Haha! You put in some serious work to find the right mattress. Hats off to you! We were both feeling the Cloud Supreme a bit more but my gut is telling me that a broken-in Rhapsody Luxe would be a wiser move, long-term. We could always add a topper if it just never felt soft enough, but the Cloud Supreme would be likely to break down too quickly with the 4-lb top layer and it would be weird adding a firm topper to a soft mattress.

Did you ever consider Tripedic? I know you considered Sleep Warehouse but it sounds like that didn't work out. Care to share more about some of your experiences with other bed-in-the-box brands?

Is it the new models of Tempur-Pedic that contain the 1.6-lb poly, or newer versions of the popular models (Cloud Supreme, Rhapsody Luxe, etc.)? It would be heart-breaking at this point to find out that either of the one's we're considering now have 1.6-lb poly, as that would be a deal-breaker.

These mattress companies make this crap way too difficult. Stick to the script, man! Haha! Our biggest issue if the Tempur-Pedic models work out is that we'd be buying a floor model and this have no change or return ability. This is why I think the Rhapsody Luxe might be wiser since we could add a topper on top of a durable mattress.

If someone adds a topper, how do they fit them into the original mattress cover? Or do they place them on top of the existing cover and just fit their protector and sheets over the topper?

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11 Jan 2019 07:24 #139 by 560andrising

Hey Ari, another question I have for you is in regard to the 5.3-lb-only mattresses out there. You know... the ones that advertise being modeled or comparable to Tempur-Pedic mattress but have only 3" or 4" of 5.3-lb foam. I've been wondering if those have felt more stiff or firm since most companies seem to use 5-lb foam as a support layer of memory foam, underneath a 4-lb or 6-lb+ top layer.

At any rate, I don't think I'm willing to buy a mattress that lacks a free return policy. I understand the business models snd it makes perfect sense, but I just don't wan to go through the hassle and still have to pay for and box up a shipment. I'm pretty sure we're going with the Rhapsody Luxe or Cloud Supreme. I'm gonna go into the mattress store today and do some lengthy testing on multiple sides. I'm thinking a full 30 minutes on my back, front, then side, for both the Cloud Supreme and the Rhapsody Luxe. I need to get a better idea of how these might work out over an extended sleeping period. Only ownership will truly tell me, but I only spent about 10 minutes on each mattress as cycled back and forth multiple times, trying to get a preliminary feel down. It was late, I had to go to work, and thus I ran out of time. Today, the real testing begins.

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11 Jan 2019 07:30 #140 by Ari

I think the rhapsody is going to be a better choice in your weight ranges. It will break in and be quite conforming. I was torn between the rhapsody and the contour elite. I don’t regret my purchase at all.

Phoenix is a better person to get feedback from regarding the cheaper lower density base foams they age now using.

Just leaving an appt. more later lol

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