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Thank you for existing as I look for some new mattress options. 24yrs old, about 155lbs, and I've got knee, shoulder, lower back, and heel pain all over the place due to a youth spent jumping around with no conditioning. I'm in the market for a replacement mattress at long last, with a budget of around 1000-1500 (I want to get a good mattress protector as well, and maybe some other stuff too).

I've been sleeping on the bottom side (1.7 Polyeurethane foam) of a 5+ year old Ikea Matrand queen sized mattress I picked up secondhand (no idea how long it was used before that!). I remember the other side (3.1 polyeurethane memory foam) being somehow less-comfortable than the side I currently sleep on, but it's been so long that I might flip it just to see how it feels.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this adventure, but I'm definitely going to try and stop by a few local mattress places to see if I can lay down on a few of them for a while. Nest Bedding seems like it might be a good place for me to start, but there are so many different options to consider that it's going to take me a while.

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