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sticky The best foundations or base for a latex or all foam mattress

14 Mar 2019 15:32 #761 by John667

Really good information here. Right now I have an old queen size mattress and I want to buy a split king size latex mattress. I've been looking for bed frames, but I found that they are so low... Even those at 12-13 inch high will be much lower than my actual bed, which is on a box foundation. I really enjoy having a higher bed because I have back problems and its much easier if it's higher. Do you know where I could find taller and sturdy bed frames? Thanks

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19 Mar 2019 06:45 #762 by Sensei

Hi John667,

Thanks for the post. I am sorry that the "industry" is moving away from "higher" mattresses, but for you personally I totally understand. Typical mattress depths vary from 8 to 15 inches, and box springs usually measure 8 to 12 inches deep. Standard bed frames raise box springs and mattresses 7 1/2 inches off the floor. What is the total height you have or need to have?

Additionally, typical latex mattresses are not as "high" because of the high cost / high quality of latex. There is more information about the different types of support systems (bedframes and foundations or platform beds) that are generally suitable for different types of mattresses and some examples of each of them in post #1 here . I would also keep in mind that these are general guidelines and some manufacturers have requirements that may be different so I would always confirm with the retailer or manufacturer of your mattress that any support system you are planning to use under the specific mattress you purchase meets their warranty requirements and guidelines.

Check out some of our trusted members and see what foundations and give them a call also, sometimes they have other suggestions for adding height, that are supportive and can complement the latex mattress.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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