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The Best Foundations or Base for a Latex or All Foam Mattress

25 Jan 2020 17:32 #841 by roosterfire
Quote BChaps:
A few questions for you on yours:
- Did you use a bolted design on yours? (it looks like it)
- Where did you get the material for the fabric and nylon? I really like those ideas!
- What did you do about polyurethane? I've got some leftover from my recent projects, but I wasn't sure if there's anything special that should be done for a bed frame.
- Is there anything between the slats and the boards that they rested on?
- I've been debating between using 1x?? hardwood or 2x?? pine on the outside. Are those 1x's?

*Reply Roosterfire:
1). I used a wide head wood screw/bolt approx 1/4" diameter shaft to hold oak, passing through the pine, tying it all together
2). `I bought the material on Amazon, there was wider material available since you are doing King size
Ivory sateen on the top, Black dust cover on the bottom, lined with 1" nylon webbing, fastened with 3/8" staples
3). The Ivory Sateen cover is a poly material specifically to let the mattress slide and not grab the fabric
4). Also from Amazon I used thin cotton batting to go between the slats and the Ivory Sateen
5). I used all 1" material without regret, it is lighter without sacrificing strength due to glue, screws and wood configuration.
Visual art is not my strong point, but it is legible.

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26 Jan 2020 17:07 #842 by BChaps
Thanks for that.
Looking forward to starting my build next weekend :)

I decided to go the simpler 2x4 route instead of the 1x6 + 1x4 that you have. And I'm not sure if I'll put any fabric on the under-side.

Here's my basic plans - I'll probably upload some WIP & Finished pics in case others have questions as well.


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26 Jan 2020 22:57 #843 by roosterfire
Very nice, and extremely close to the plans I derived. Much better graphics 8-P

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26 Jan 2020 22:59 #844 by roosterfire
I would love to see your finished work. Good vibes and happy building.

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01 Feb 2020 12:45 #845 by roosterfire
Pictures of finished product (headboard planned for the future).

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01 Feb 2020 13:57 #846 by tidoubleger

I received this foundation from someone a few days ago as a gift(still need in package). I have a traditional wooden bed frame with an inch or so lip on each side to hold slats up to then put box springs/mattress on. This adjustable foundation is heavy so I'm having a hard time finding the best solution for extra support when setting it into the bed frame with our heavy latex mattress and 2 bodies on top. I saw some metal slats with legs built into them but getting enough of those to keep to the 3-5" gap for slats would be too expensive. I'm searching for it but struggling with what terms to even search for.

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08 Feb 2020 14:35 #847 by BChaps
I changed my design very slightly from the originally uploaded plans. I think the only key difference is that I used 2x6 for the long pieces that ran down the sides rather than 2x4s. I still used 2x4s for the side-to-side ones at the head/foot.

My general process is outlined here. If anyone is trying to do something similar, and has questions, feel free to ask :)

  • Buy Wood (obviously)
  • Construction:
    • Cut things to length based on my CAD model
    • Dill bolt holes & counter-bore holes in boards
    • Bolt all boards/legs together (except for middle runners) - See Bed_Initial Attachment
    • Sand everything
    • Glue the side-panels in place - See Bed_Clamp Attachment
    • Sand everything
    • Remove head/foot boards from legs
  • Paint:
    • I did a few coats of a white stain - See Bed_Stain Attachment
    • I did 3 coats of polyurethane (use water-based so that it doesn't yellow over time)
  • Assembly:
    • Bolt the panels back to the legs - See Bed_Frame Attachment
    • Lay Velcro over where the slats will run
    • Lay down the slats, and add velcro to the underside - See Bed_Slats Attachment
    • Staple a sheet of some sort down taught over the slats (just staple the corners) - I used a cheap bedspread
    • Run nylon webbing around the perimeter and staple down (keeping the sheet taught) - See Bed_Final Attachment

  • This was designed so that it can be disassembled and moved if needed
  • I used carriage bolts, so that we ended with no visible hardware
  • The side panels are only held to the 2x4s / 2x6s with wood glue
  • I added some brackets to the lower portions of the panels, to help hold things in-place and push/pull the panels to be flush with each other.

Oh...and if you want more close-up pics, I tweeted stuff out as I did it, so, here's that thread:

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09 Feb 2020 00:16 #848 by roosterfire
I was eagerly awaiting your finished result.

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