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The Best Foundations or Base for a Latex or All Foam Mattress

24 Feb 2020 12:46 #851 by urboiwallace
Can anyone recommend any company’s that sell good quality bases or frames in Canada? Thanks :)

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24 Feb 2020 14:02 #852 by urboiwallace
Also has anyone tried kd frames, I’ve seen good reviews online and they are decently priced. Thanks

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25 Feb 2020 08:20 #853 by Erinopteryx
Yes, we got a queen frame from kd frames, very pleased with it. Easy to assemble, made in US, solid tulip poplar.

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29 Apr 2020 08:15 #854 by Alpharalpha
I went with the kd frame as well but in a twin xl; and am pleased with the design/build quality. I need to build a backboard down the length
(kinda like a daybed) and am wondering what's the best way to join the existing legs to the backboard as simple backboard construction I see the legs are flush with the backboards, making them 90 degrees from kd frame legs. I don't really need or want arms, just the back to stop the roll of feel as it's not up against the wall. I've seen where they just nailed (but I'd screw if this case) down the side where the 2 boards join; doesn't seem like it'd hold up, but perhaps with some angle brackets as well? I don't know, any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It appears to be an easy enough build except how to attach it to the frame. I do have some extra pieces from a kd frame that might work as well, and that way could just sandwich boards onto the kd legs, with some bolts thru where needed. Attaching some pics of some ideas...

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29 Apr 2020 18:42 #855 by gusterbrown
I got a good deal on a Tempurpedic mattress (I know, I know :lol:) and am in need of a foundation. I've gone through a lot of the links here and none quite work with either their slat requirements or my wife's curb appeal. Would there be any issues with tempur's foundation? I saw from a 2012 post that their drawback was in breathability because it was solid, but I've confirmed with them that they are now using a steel grid. Would that resolve their prior heat buildup issues?

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