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07 Aug 2019 03:48 #441 by Brad123
Sorry - should have addressed this to Sensei or Phoenix - would you mind having a look whenever you have a chance? Heading out to visit showrooms tonight (if we can find any beyond the Dormio one in Etobicoke).

Brad123 wrote: Finding this all a little overwhelming!

So I've done a decent amount of research (thank you so much for this website and forum, seriously). Wife and I had considered a latex topper to improve firmness of our Queen until we move and buy a king. We've opted to scratch that idea and just get a new King mattress.

Of notes are below and I'm hoping for a bit more guidance/steering in the right direction, if at all possible? Suffering from a bit of information overload.

Me: 6'3, 176 pound male. Usual stomach sleeper, unfortunately.
Her: 5'10, 140 pound female. Side sleeper.

Symptoms of late:
Lower back pain (both)
Hot/sweaty sleep (me)
Restless/interrupted/poor sleep (both)

Firm(er) King mattress
Latex (based on what I've read, review/comments of posters)
100% organic (she is all-natural, organic for food, cleaning products, etc. and we would both like to avoid chemicals wherever possible)
Ideal budget would be less than $2,000 Canadian, but I'm not sure if that's remotely realistic

Showrooms in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada where we can test some out?
Are most of these beds comprised of multiple layers inside a cover? And is that normal?
Does the height matter? I notice the 7" mattresses seem geared to children on Dormio's site and are significantly cheaper than 10" (makes sense), but would it be bad for an adult?

Would appreciate any guidance at all. Seems like this will be a huge purchase and don't want to be stuck with something that doesn't work for us after shelling out so much money. I also know (based on experience) returning a mattress is effectively impossible.

Thanks so much,

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07 Aug 2019 03:54 #442 by Brad123
Hey CeruleanBlue,

Sorry you're dealing with a similar painful situation. We're trying to reframe (no pun intended) our views on the whole bed purchase process. We're going to visit the Dormio showroom tonight and may well end up shelling out a boatload of money and (potentially) delaying a vacation by a year or two as a result. She has fairly severe scoliosis and my back hasn't been "normal" since I started sleeping on her bed. If we spend $3,000 but sleep soundly, cooly, and pain-free for the next 10 years, seems like a bargain, really. If I were buying a new car, a new house, engagement ring, etc., I wouldn't I wouldn't be settling on something that's "meh", so I definitely shouldn't be doing that with something that has a direct impact on my health.

Good luck to you. Will let you know what we end up opting for.


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13 Aug 2019 09:32 #443 by Sensei
Hey Brad123,

Thanks for the post. Let us know how it turned out at Dormio, you do very nice job "framing" the importance of the mattress purchase, especially given the medical and pain issues you and your partner have. Thanks again.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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17 Aug 2019 14:51 #444 by TwoCrows
I just read your post, so this response may be too late. But Mayer's Bedding uses a non-wool cover. Also a number of vendors offer what they call "vegan" mattresses such as Plush Beds Natural Bliss.

I hope you're sleeping comfortably.

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17 Aug 2019 22:10 #445 by Drackean
Hey there,

I am still looking for help regarding post #431 wrote on July 27. I would appreciate advice from someone knowledgable.

Thank you!

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18 Aug 2019 05:13 - 18 Aug 2019 05:14 #446 by Sweet Dreams
@Drackean - I'm surprised and sorry that you haven't received any response to your initial post but hopefully your nudge will help get it some attention... sometimes a particular post can get lost in an existing thread. First of all I have to say that the Albizia looks like a high quality build and I don't see weak links of any real significance to raise concern. I agree that from the pictures provided your alignment on the current mattress looks pretty good although I'm an engineer by trade and not an orthopedic doctor. Given that I'd tend to suggest that proper alignment alone does not ensure that the mattress is providing you with adequate comfort and pressure relief. So even if you're back is pretty well aligned by the foundational support layer of your mattress it may not still have sufficient support in its comfort layers which are generally the layers which wear out first. That could be the cause of your lower back discomfort, but it's difficult to diagnose such situations over the internet. Sometimes the only way to really know is to try out a new mattress to see if it eliminates or at least reduces your discomfort. I did notice that it looks like you could use a new right sock, but I doubt that imbalance could be the cause of your back pain! ;) Hope this helps a bit and that you get a more professional and specific response to your situation from another more knowledgeable forum member.
Best regards, - Bill
Last edit: 18 Aug 2019 05:14 by Sweet Dreams.

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