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DIY Latex transition layer needed 06 Jul 2018 16:51 #1

I've been lurking around TMU for a few months, this is my first post. First I'll start with a bit of background. My wife and I have been sleeping on a Simmons Dreamscape of about 15yrs old. (yes time to upgrade) about 2 or 3 years ago we just couldn't take the pressure points any longer and bought a 2" memory foam topper. This gave us just what we were after. Since the Dreamscape was quite firm, it was actually a very nice feel and worked for what we were after. Fast forward, the 2" Lucid memory foam topper (bought on amazon) is worn out and has noticeable dips where we lay. If we move to the center of the bed, it still feels quite nice.

Here's who we are:
Sleeper 1: 6'3" 180-185lbs - primarily start on stomach, transition to side, (used to be a back sleeper)
Sleeper 2: 5'9" 130lbs ish- primarily side sleeper.

We thought we wanted a firm support with plush top that would last. We started with a budget of 1000, but this may have slid a bit higher now.

We bought a queen size 6" dunlop core (firm) and a 3" talalay 19ILD comfort layer from Matttresses.net. The 19ILD is amazing! We slept on this for a week or so. We like it, but we are able to clearly feel the transition to the firm dunlop core. Both my wife and I did have some "general" soreness upon waking up. I suspect that we may need a transition layer to "smooth" this. If a 1" medium talayay blend was an option, I'd consider trying this, I think it's all we need. For the past 2 weeks we've been sleeping with the old lucid 2" memory foam between the 2 latex layers. It's way too soft now, and we sort of "float" around the bed. I think the Lucid foam is a "plush" layer. It squishes to nothing.

So I guess my question is this: Does it seem reasonable to think that 2" Talaly Blend transition layer will be a decent fit for us between the firm core and the 19ILD 3" top? Is a 1" layer more reasonable?

Ok, On to the second question. Once I decide on the "stackup" , then I need an encasement. I am looking at both the Bamboo and cotton zippered covers on the Matresses.net site. I don't want too much to come between that 19ILD latex and me. However, I do want to protect it. Will the cotton do this for me? Do I need anything in addition to the cotton encasement?

Thanks Pheonix and expert crew in advance!
Mr Comfy

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DIY Latex transition layer needed 09 Jul 2018 10:19 #2

Yes, it sounds to me like a 2" #28 Talalay transition layer is what would work best. Once you have the firmness worked out and you are ready to get the cover here is what I would recommend - 8" organic cotton cover for the 6" core and the 2" #28. Our zippered topper cover for the #19 topper would be used to wrap the topper and place separately over the mattress. This way you have no interference from the feel of the plush latex by the Quilted mattress cover itself since the topper cover is very stretchy material.

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DIY Latex transition layer needed 11 Jul 2018 17:45 #3

Just placed the order for 2" blended talalay topper to use for the transition layer as well as the topper cover as suggested.

Ill post my feedback when it arrives and I've had a chance to get the feel of it.

Thanks again!

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DIY Latex transition layer needed 12 Jul 2018 09:18 #4

Sounds good, we'll get it out ASAP and thank you for the order.

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DIY Latex transition layer needed 15 Dec 2018 05:44 #5

I thought I'd log back in and provide some update after sleeping on this mattress for about 6 months now.
Ken and team at Arizona mattress was great to work with.

I put the 3" talalay #19 into the topper cover and added the 2" #28 in the middle. This removed the "feeling" of the dunlop base layer.

Moving the 3" talalay into the zippered cover did change the feel slightly, I expected it to change somewhat (previously we had only a sheet between us and the 3" talalay).

I think my feet don't rest with much pressure on the mattress (not sure if I'm sinking in too much?) Were I to buy again, I would have ordered a 2" #19 talalay, 2" #28, and the 6" dunlop base. The zippered cover seems fine - no issues there.

I'm extremely satisfied. - My wife wakes up with slight soreness for 10 minutes or so. It's not a pressure point issue (much better than our old traditional mattress)

I may need to do some more research on this site to ensure that she is getting the support she needs.

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DIY Latex transition layer needed 16 Dec 2018 10:41 #6

Glad to hear it's working out and that we could help you.

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