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Advice on replacement mattress core 20 Jul 2018 21:26 #1

Hey everyone I need some advice on a replacement mattress core:

About 5-6 years ago we bought a Pure Latex king size mattress. It has about an 8 inch core with separate 2 inch twin xl toppers for each side. We were very happy with it for the first couple years. When we bought it, I was under the impression it was called The Pamper and was all latex. After a couple years, body impressions started forming, I kept thinking how can latex do that? Further, it didn’t seem quite as soft. We bought 2 inches of HD36 foam and put that under the topper thinking that might help. The body impressions have gotten even worse and I decided to take off the core cover. Inside is an inch or two of latex and the rest is just chunks of dense glued poly foam—no wonder we have body impressions. Somehow we must have gotten the Mezanine instead maybe? We paid about $3,000 for the bed, but not sure we have much recourse after 5-6 years of ownership.

I’d like to replace the core while keeping the 2 inch latex topper, maybe the 2 inches of HD36 foam and reusing the core cover. My wife and I weigh 270 lbs each and are both about 6 feet tall. We have a King size bed. My budget this months tops out around $500. If I need to, I can wait another month or two and go to about $1,000. I liked the looks of mattresses.net 6 inch DIY Firm Dunlop base core but also thought about their Combi zone pocket coil inner spring since it is little cheaper. Given our weight, would the innerspring support us and hold up over time or is our best bet a latex core? Also, the last Sealy innerspring mattress we had made lots of popping noises anytime I got up or down, which would wake my wife up—do innersprings still do this? Obviously I’m interested in something comfortable for us, but I’d also like it to last several years if possible.

Thanks for any advice you’re willing to share.

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Advice on replacement mattress core 23 Jul 2018 10:41 #2

I would love to see the manufacturers tag (do not remove under penalty of law) because I do not believe this is a Pure Latex Bliss Pamper model. I was a dealer for PLB and I know the Pamper is very firm and used a 40+ ILD base core 5-6 years ago which is like sleeping on the floor. They then they added 2" of softer #21 over that. They did not use poly foam at all. That mattress should weigh approx. 180 lbs if it's truly a Pamper model.
If you can verify it's a Pamper then perhaps I can explain why it may feel firmer now than it did in the beginning. The soft layer of latex over the very firm core has gotten even softer over time which means you are sinking through that layer right to the core. Adding Poly foam over that core will only make matters worse which is what you've done. Poly foam will not last nearly as long as latex. The base core you have should still be in excellent condition for many years to come and a simple solution would be to flip the mattress over and sleep a couple nights just on the base core side and see if you notice any dips. If not then just add another latex topper over it and you'll be back to where you started only now you can easily change out the topper every 5-6 years instead of buying a whole new mattress. This is the main reason we use zippered covers on most of our models so it's easy to change out the comfort layer when it eventually softens up. The base core or pocket coil spring will still be in great shape even after 10 years of use.

To answer your other questions, I don't think there is anything out there that will outlast a firm latex core which I believe you already have but if not then our dunlop DIY core would be a great place to start. The Combi zone spring is the highest quality spring to date made by Leggett and Platt. It too will last for 10-20 years if not beyond even that. Neither choice would be bad. I'm not aware of any of our coils having a popping sound but that could easily be associated with conventional springs, not pocket coils where each spring is individually wrapped.

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Advice on replacement mattress core 26 Jul 2018 15:20 #3

The core tag says 95% bonded poly. I did flip over the mattress core 4-5 months ago, which is when I figured out it wasn't all latex. Flipping it over made a big difference for a few months, but now we're back to having uneven body impressions--just on the other side of the core. I've currently placed a 1/2" sheet of plywood between my 4" of comfort layers and the core. This is not super comfortable, but it is flat and my back does not hurt when I get up in the morning.


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Advice on replacement mattress core 26 Jul 2018 16:05 #4

Awesome, thanks for showing me that. Obviously it is a Pure Latex Bliss model but not the all latex in fact it has very little latex which is why you are having the issues that you have. I will be in Vegas next week for the summer furniture market and I will be meeting the new CEO of Talalay Global who owns Pure Latex Bliss. I will show him the pictures of the tag and see if there is any warranty that might still be in place so you can get them replaced. I don't believe they still use poly foam in their models but will find out. I'll be back next Wednesday and let you know what I find out from the very people that made your bed.

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