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Latex Hybrid Comfort Layer Help! 05 Nov 2018 13:24 #1

So my boyfriend and I have been on quite the quest to find a mattress which both of us love.
About us: I'm 30 years old and 5' tall, he's 29 and 5'10". Both a little on the heavier side, me moreso than he is, side sleepers. Sometimes he will try sleep on his back, but ends up on his side.
We had a TempurPedic Contour - we had this mattress for 6 years and liked it well enough, until it started giving me terrible lower back pain from a pressure point on my hip. Overall we did not like the lack of bounce or how hot it got overnight. We decided it was time to upgrade from a queen to a king, and get a new mattress. Decided to stick to hybrids because all foam had left a very bad taste in our mouths.
Base: We like our base - a Classic Brands adjustable base, full king (not split).
Mattresses:So far, we've tried these mattresses:
  1. Purple.3 - this was the most comfortable to just 'sit' in, but we both had back pain where we couldn't pinpoint the source of. Overall felt like it wasn't soft enough for us.
  2. Helix custom - this was our least favorite. Got too hot, not enough support through top layers and coils
  3. Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft - I was ok with this mattress, SO was not. Overall, though, felt it wasn't 'enough'
  4. Current Winner: Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Plush Natural Latex option (14ILD-Medium Oeko-tex Cert. Dunlop Latex) - We tried these in a local Nest store before we ordered it online. So far, I'm 100% for latex hybrid. Love the feel and bounce, keeps the right temperature. However, I need help with ensuring the comfort layer is appropriate for our needs as I feel my shoulders and hips are not aligned well and my boyfriend is having upper back/neck pain. My shoulders, midback, and neck feel very well aligned, just not my lower back. My hips sink in too much it seems

Nest Bedding Mattress Construction:
25" Organic Stretch Knit Cotton or GOTS Cert. Organic Cotton w/wool batting
1.75" 1.5 lb Eco FLex Quilting or Certified Wool Batting
3" 14ILD-Medium Oeko-tex Cert. Dunlop Latex
1" 1.5lb Eco Friendly Comfort Foam
6" Caliber Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils
1" 1.8lb 50ILD Transitional Foam or 36ILDGOLS Cert. Latex Base

Overall I'm thinking the soft is likely too soft for our larger frames, but I'm not sure if we should go with an entire new medium comfort layer (24ILD-Medium Oeko-tex Cert. Dunlop Latex), or if we should consider their option of soft+topper (3" Talalay Latex Topper + 14ILD-Medium Oeko-tex Cert. Dunlop Latex). I'm worried about supporting our hips and shoulders appropriately and evenly.

Any advice?

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Latex Hybrid Comfort Layer Help! 06 Nov 2018 08:12 #2

#14 is way too soft for someone on the heavier side. You need to change that to #24. Adding another layer over it won't fix the lack of support you get from the #14.

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