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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 20 Jan 2019 21:41 #1

I was looking for a way to post questions to the whole general forum including Phoenix and not clear on how to do that. If needed you can repost this elsewhere...

There are two threads within this post.... The first is questioning mattress toppers to try to modify what I have. The second is the feeling that what I have isn't going to work, so questioning other options.

Last year I did a lot of research on mattresses and fortunately found TMU for guidance. I narrowed my search to 3 mattresses and went with a Spindle all latex mattress (medium firmness). In a zippered case there are 3 layers of three inch latex that can be re-positioned to tweak the feel. I've spent many months (close to a year) working with the mattress to try getting the comfort and support that's comfortable for me. The mattress is way to firm for my pressure points, but I know from re-positioning the layers that going softer is not giving me proper postural support - - my low back is then in pain. After purchasing the mattress I didn't want to spend more on a mattress topper, so I played with layering extra bedding comforters I had on hand for a cushioning effect. It helped some, but is not going to work as a long term solution. I looked at some shredded latex and sculpted latex toppers on the CozyPure and FloBeds websites. Does anyone have advice from experience, or an opinion, on whether putting a latex topper on top of an all latex mattress would make any difference or make any sense? I've never liked the feel of memory foam. Wool seems like it would pack down and be too hard. I was trying to avoid synthetics and foam.

In my early 30's I got to sleep on an all latex mattress for about 5 weeks while away in the Netherlands. I don't know what kind of latex mattress that was, but it was the best & most comfortable sleep I ever had. I always hoped to one day have an all latex mattress, however this current mattress feels like it's not going to work for me. Perhaps I just haven't found the right latex mattress, or perhaps now at age 46 it's not right for my body type? I don't feel like I'm getting the proper support from the latex mattress I have, but it is also too firm and my body hurts sleeping on it.

Until my later 30's I had slept on a basic innerspring mattress that was more firm and that felt good to me up until then. Then my hips and side of arm started getting really sore and it was affecting my sleep. In my early 40's I got a softer mattress. I don't know the details except that it was an innerspring (not with wrapped coils) and supposedly had a layer of talalay latex on top. It was called a "eurotop" and was more plush. It seemed good at first, but unfortunately, I didn't know about proper bed frame support for heavier mattresses and it soon developed a sag in the middle. Over time, even that mattress hurt my hips. Next came this all latex mattress. I am a side sleeper. I'm about 5 '4' and 112 pounds. There's not much extra flesh padding around my hips or shoulder pressure points. It seems I'm just becoming more sensitive. Right now, I don't think my hips and shoulder are sinking into the mattress and they get so very sore. I think it feels like that's causing my waist section to drop down and curve out of alignment rather than being supported.

The other 2 mattress in my initial top 3 were the "EOS Classic" from Naturpedic and the "Natural Escape" from My Green Mattress (both are pocketed/wrapped coils with 3" dunlop latex on top). At that time I didn't feel comfortable buying a mattress online without trying it, so I ruled out My Green Mattress. I got to try the Naturepedic in person and it felt So wonderful, however in the end the price tag just seemed too much and not comfortable to me, so I ruled that one out. I am in the Boston area, so I went to the Spindle showroom in person to try out the mattress. I realize now how that doesn't make any difference, because the one I tried there didn't feel like the one I received.

I have put off for too long the decision to return it, because it seems like such a hassle and it is a very well made mattress. The customer service people at Spindle have been so helpful. Also, I was dreading going back to research mattresses again and trying to choose something else... and then what if the next one is worse that what I have, etc.

I do think it might be better for me to go back to an innerspring. The individually wrapped coils with latex on top seems like it might be better for me. At this point I'm not as wary of buying online. I called My Green Mattress, but I think from talking to them and all the reviews that their mattress would also be too firm for me. And Natuepedic still seems too expensive. I started looking at the "Ultimate Hybrid" and "Eco Sleep Hybrid" from Arizona Premium Mattress. They sound great, however, reading about construction is so different than experiencing it... For instance, I tried another local place, Gardner mattress...they have really nice mattresses and some wrapped coils with latex, but I found everything in their store too firm (I think they are known for having firmer mattresses). So, I am really not sure what to do. Take another chance on a mattress, or try to keep modifying what I have with toppers and hope that the trial expense doesn't get to be as expensive as the Naturepedic mattress. ?? If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 21 Jan 2019 10:09 #2

I would work with what you've got by adding a 2" soft talalay topper directly on top of the mattress. Being a latex specialist myself I travel with a 2" soft talalay topper because I find hotel beds too firm and too hot. By adding the 2" over the hotel bed it gives that extra cush I need and also adds airflow. 2" will provide you with that extra cush and yet still remain supportive

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 23 Jan 2019 20:07 #3

Thank you Ken,
I think I will try to work with what I have, as you suggested, and get a latex topper. I'm considering a convoluted topper (egg crate looking kind), or a shredded latex topper. Those variations on the latex sound like they might be softer and more cushioning on my pressure points and body overall compared to a flat piece of latex. I don't know? And perhaps even both of those (convolute & shredded topper) together would help. ? I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the CozyPure "CozyTop" topper made of the "noodles" shape and how that differs from a shredded latex one? CozyPure also has a sculpted egg crate style one, but it's in Dunlop. Because of that, I'm wondering if that should not be a choice. Since the rest of my mattress is dunlop layers and it's so firm, I like Ken's idea to go with Talalay on top.

I also hope that in re-arranging the layers that I currently have that I can achieve a feeling of proper support / spinal alignment under a new softer cushioning layer. It's hard to understand what exactly is happening, but right now as it is I know it doesn't feel right. I mentioned feeling that my waist area is curving down out of alignment, because hips and shoulder are not sinking in enough. However, I think my hips are sinking in some because I realized they do feel like they are sloped down from rest of body - - feels like I'm not level or being supported.

I'll update after making some changes. Thank you

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 24 Jan 2019 08:20 #4

I don't think either shredded or convoluted is the best solution. I think a flat layer of soft Talalay is still the best way to go. I sleep on one myself and works great for pressure relief. Convoluted means they are removing latex to get the peaks and valleys and that means decreased durability so you might get some relief for a while but it won't last that long even with latex which is why we abandoned many years ago the use of convoluted latex.

Shredded latex will be a constant hassle since the noodles like to move away from where you sleep so you will always have to re-shift them back into place.

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 29 Jan 2019 21:02 #5

Nice question!
I feel latex on latex would make no difference. Whereas if you opt for latex and memory foam, it will offer a perfect mattress combo. Just imagine, enjoying the dual comfort of latex and memory foam. You get to enjoy the allergy-free features of the latex which would keep away all types of allergens, dust mites from your bed and memory foam will make it easy for your back. It will relax your pressure points, spine, and back.

The one good thing about this mattress is that it makes way for it to breathe. You mattress doesn't feel dampened. It lets air pass through it. Now, if you are looking for a mattress like this, then I will recommend you go with ** Mattress. It lets you relish not only the features of Mattresslatex** and memory foam but also you get a non-transferable movement experience. Basically, if your partner keeps tossing around in the bed, you will not be able to feel the movement because Fortuno is built with pocket spring technology.

What more? You also get a ten years warranty.

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Last edit: by Administrator. Reason: ** Removed Promo link

Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 30 Jan 2019 04:26 #6

Starting with the fact that you're not even selling mattresses in the same country as the OP, you could have tried to make your shilling less blatantly obvious. Too bad I can't seem to find a report button for your post.

Latex on top of latex is a valid strategy, and works out very nicely for a lot of people.

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 30 Jan 2019 08:18 #7

Don't worry, I'll report them to the moderator.

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 30 Jan 2019 19:26 #8

Hello! I have a latex topper on top of a latex mattress. I'm returning the mattress because ultimately I've realized either the mattress itself is too hard, or the encasement surrounding it doesn't offer enough point elasticity...but in the meantime, the topper has saved my bacon! I wouldn't be able to stand the bed without it. I don't think it's a silly way to fine tune a bed at all, and might incorporate one into my next mattress. A few things to think about, a layer of latex in the bed will feel different than a free floating topper because it can curl up a little and act independently of the bed (which you don't notice when you're sleeping...it's not wild or anything, just less bound than the layers inside the mattress.) I really like the feeling of "naked" latex, but it's not the best thing for the latex (body oils, etc)...but with a topper, you can feel like you're protecting your mattress, adding the wear and tear to something that isn't built to last as long.

I found the topper without an encasement pretty conforming...it may look flat but it pinches down to almost nothing. I don't think it's too unconforming, especially since the bed is flexing under you too.

Have you tried the bed unzipped? Maybe the cover isn't allowing enough stretch for you.

I feel you in this struggle...the Zenhaven I bought has the exact same problem of not letting me sink in enough. With two ultralight toppers, I get the pressure relief but lose the support, and have that "my hips are low" feeling. I think a single slightly denser topper (like Ken recommended) could help and be worth a shot before you return the bed. Even if you wind up not loving it, or not using it with a new bed build, it would be handy for travel, camping, ploofing up an air mattress for guests, gifting to hosts who make you sleep on horrific airbeds...although if you look, some places do allow topper returns.

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 30 Jan 2019 21:31 #9

I really appreciate the sharing of experience, suggestions, and ideas from Ken, Savantstrike, and Sweetandsourkiwi. And Thank you to Savantstrike for calling out the recent self-promoter and Thanks to Ken for helping to report that posting incident. Lots happening here on TMU!

I had not thought to try out the feeling of my latex mattress without the restrictions of the mattress cover as Sweetandsourkiwi suggested. On top of that I also have a waterproof mattress cover that was recommended to protect the latex. In the past I had wondered what impact or interference that was making, but it seems important to keep on.

It has been helpful to hear from you all that putting a latex topper on top of a latex mattress can be useful and offer benefits. I am going to try a latex topper before giving up on my current mattress. I think I'm going to try the 2" flat solid talalay that Ken suggested. That decision is coming after going round and round in my head after lots of reading on the different forms (convoluted, shredded, and solid latex). In reading about others' experiences and insights about how the materials respond I'm trying to figure out how my body frame/type might settle into the different latex topper forms. They all seem like potentially good choices, but of course I won't know what works best for me until I try it. This is an expensive guess, but I'm trying to take comfort in the idea options that Sweetandsourkiwi offered in ways to reuse or re-gift the topper should it not work out.

I see the blended and natural talalay options. At Arizona Premium the natural talalay soft is rated ILD 20 - 24 and the blended talalay soft is 19. I'm guessing that's not really a big difference in softness, but wondering if anyone knows whether the blended versus natural talalay feels different? Is one known to be softer or more responsive or better for pressure points or support than the other? My preference would be to go with the all natural talalay, but I'm willing to get the blended if it seems overall like a better choice.?

I think the main thing I need from the topper is cushioning and softness on pressure points. I'm hoping that rearranging my mattress layers a little firmer (after I get the topper) will achieve the postural support that I need. I do wonder if full latex mattresses can really offer both proper support for spinal alignment and cushioning comfort. I was a bit dismayed to read that Sweetandsourkiwi is returning their mattress. It brings me back to my first post questioning other mattresses and considering a hybrid combo of springs with latex and whether that might be better for achieving both proper support & cushioning? Around the circle again... I know this is very individual as is each mattress and component and they just have to be tried out.

Thanks all for your help.

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Latex on top of latex ? Or other mattress options?? 31 Jan 2019 13:28 #10

I'm new to the forum and hope it is ok to post here as my problem seems similar to the OPs.

I've recently bought a Latex mattress and thinking of returning it. It's really nice but not quite right and I'm desperate for help having already returned a couple of other spring mattresses in the last couple of months.

I am 6ft and 12.5 stone (175 pounds). I sleep 90% on my side and 10% on my back. I have very bad health and getting the best night sleep possible can make a massive difference to my quality of life. I've spent some time bedbound but at the moment I am not.

I bought a 100% natural Dunlop latex mattress. I can't stand any feeling of springs. I dislike the heat of memory foam. I need something durable, especially if I become bedbound again. And I like to avoid chemicals where possible. Latex seems a good solution.

It's a medium feel mattress (Latex density: 70kg per cubic meter, 4.8kPa), and seems to be of good quality. I like it except that it is a little firm around my shoulders (which I can live with) and not supportive enough around my pelvis (which I cannot live with). Otherwise it feels supportive yet soft.

I can exchange for a Soft or a Firm version of the same mattress (Soft- 65kg per cubic meter, 4.2kPa, Firm- 80kg per cubic meter, 5.8 kPa). Or I can exchange for a different one, but cost is a limiting factor in exchanging for something else. The company I bought off are helpful but think firm will be too hard for me as a side sleeper and I suspect he is right. I guess I could try it with a standard topper over it which I already own, or a 5cm Talalay topper, or both, though I don't know if that would make enough of a difference.

A soft version of my mattress is likely to just be worse, though I wonder if it might allow the rest of my body to sink more in line with my pelvis and alleviate the problem that way.

The company suggested a mattress with 15cm reflex foam and 8cm Dunlop. I don't know if that might be a good option or not, but it doesn't sound ideal. As an alternative I'm considering buying a regular spring mattress and putting a 5 or 8cm latex topper on it. Not sure how well that will work either though.

I'm pretty desperate for a solution. Grateful for any advice.

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