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Help! I don't know what's wrong. 07 Jul 2019 06:21 #1

***Update:Received the Sleep on Latex soft Dunlop 2" topper. We both found it hot and I woke up with more hip pain then before using this topper. My husband's lower back hurt and it took him a while to find a comfortable position. He had no trouble without the topper.
I think I figured out the pain between my shoulders is caused by sleeping on my back with too high of a pillow. The pain subsides when I remove the pillow....which is a pretty flat down pillow. Now I don't know what to do. I was sooo hoping the topper would help, now I'm not sure it will.
I have been perusing your site for 4 years now, trying to find a comfortable mattress. The Princess and the Pea story was somebody like me. I have purchased 2 mattresses based on the recommendations on this site. First one was Brooklyn Bedding's latex mattress. We sent it back after 3 months, because we felt like we were always fighting the mattress, too elastic or springy....hard to describe. Then we got the Dreamfoam memory foam mattress. It was comfortable for about 2 years, until the foam started breaking down and we would sink so much that we'd wake up in pain. So, I went looking for a compromise and bought the Serta icomfort hybrid firm through Mattress Firm. It was too hard, exchanged it for the plush version-that one was a torture rack! They allowed me to exchange one more time, wanting to find something within our budget of $2000 for a king size with as little memory foam as possible. Ha-not possible, everything they offered has memory foam! I chose the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum plush (Mattress Firm calls it something different, I've attached a link), which is what we have currently. We've only had it for a week, but I wake up with my ribs/sides hurting (mostly a side sleeper), pain between my shoulder blades, my shoulder and hips hurting as well. It seems that most of these beds that have memory foam in them, feel good when I first lay down, but as the foam warms up, I sink down and then the pain starts.
I have ordered a 2" soft latex topper from Sleep on Latex, hoping this will help. I hate spending more money to try and fix a new mattress.
I don't know what my issue is, whether I need a firm mattress or softer one. Just an FYI, our stats: I am 5' 4" tall, weigh about 165, pear shaped, with a rotator cuff issues in one shoulder, and a ruptured disk in my neck. My husband is 5' 9" and weighs about 220 and he has some hip bursitis.
I'd appreciate some insight into what's going on with me. I'm just so frustrated waking up in more pain then when I went to bed the night before, and waking up numerous times to change positions due to pain.

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Help! I don't know what's wrong. 08 Jul 2019 15:34 #2

The soft topper should have made things better so I think the issue is more medical than mattress based on all the info you provided.

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Help! I don't know what's wrong. 09 Jul 2019 09:09 #3

I was hoping to ask Phoenix this question, but saw no way to do this.

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