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Accurate information regarding latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, adjustable bases, latex pillows, etc. Industry professional of over 40 years expertise in the mattress field currently using suppliers Talalay Global, Latexco, Radium Foam, Latex Green and Leggett & Platt.
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DIY Mattress Opinion 23 May 2021 14:51 #1

Hi, I (5'4", ~225 lbs, side sleeper) tried a full latex mattress for the first time yesterday and I loved pretty much everything about it except the price. It was a lot firmer than I expected, too, considering it's all foam. I tried a few different configurations and the Medium - Soft - Soft (all 3" layers) in talalay (the soft was 22 ILD, not sure about the medium) was still not quite soft enough for me. They put an additional 3" topper on and then it was a little too soft. I knew the mattress would be way out of my price range, so I asked for some DIY input on another forum. The build I ended up with sounds really good but I wanted to get an expert's input before I settle on anything. Here's my build:

3" medium dunlop ILD 34
3" medium talalay ILD 28
3" soft talalay ILD 19
2" super soft talalay ILD 14
11" cotton encasement

Any input or advice you may have would be most welcome. Thank you!

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DIY Mattress Opinion 24 May 2021 09:51 #2

Thank you for reaching out. Based on your info I have to caution you that at your weight do not expect the soft and super soft layers to last more than 4 or 5 years. They will however provide great comfort during those years and having a zippered cover means you can easily replace those layers when the time comes. Latex will outlast any other foam in those same firmness choices so it's still the best option.

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DIY Mattress Opinion 24 May 2021 10:05 #3

I figured that might be the case, but it seems like most premade mattresses aren't built to last much longer than that and I would rather pay a little to replace a few layers than a lot to replace a whole mattress. Does the build look viable otherwise? I know it's topped with softer foams than I had initially tried, but I still worry.

I was also considering the 6" bolsa coil system instead of the bottom medium layers, but I got really bad pressure points on a latex hybrid with 3" of 28 ILD talalay previously. Is that feasible with these softer layers or should I stick with the medium layers of latex?

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