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Accurate information regarding latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, adjustable bases, latex pillows, etc. Industry professional of over 40 years expertise in the mattress field currently using suppliers Talalay Global, Latexco, Radium Foam, Latex Green and Leggett & Platt.
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Help, confused after trying latex mattresses 25 Jun 2021 07:53 #1

Hello Arizona Premium Mattress,
I'm new to the site after luckily stumbling upon it while looking for mattresses information. I've spent the past weeks reading as much as I can. What an amazing wealth of knowledge! Thank you to all that contribute to this site! I have learnt a lot, although not quite enough, so I would continue reading and learning, but giving the nature of my specific situation, I thought that it could be more hopefully getting some answers from the experts members of this forum.

I’m hoping you can help me on my search for a mattress that will match my PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

My previous experience with coil mattresses with low quality components and with memory foam mattresses together with what I’ve learnt so far, led me to explore all latex mattresses. And since getting the right PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) takes some time and some trial and error, I feel that maybe going the DIY rout will not only be the best immediate solution but also the best for long term satisfaction.

For some background information, I’m 52, 5’ 9”, 182 lbs, average built, shoulders somewhat wither then my hips, mostly side sleeper, occasionally on my stomach, almost never on my back.

Since I did not want to purchase a DIY latex mattress solely based on information learnt on this forum, to test how latex feels, I visited City Mattress to take a look at the PranaSleep models, I did not lay on any of them for too long because I saw samples of the componentry and even on the most expensive models like the OM, the quilted top is not made with latex, it is made with thing layers of foam, and although it feels nice, I’m concern about the durability of that component. And it seems that due to the cover construction it would be difficult to get the same “feel” on a DIY mattress. Is my assumption correct?

Then I found Mattress Xperts that sells Pure Talalay Bliss. Searching through the forum I found some information regarding the componentry of some Pure Talalay Bliss models www.themattressunderground.com/talk-to-the-experts/sleep-ez/22711-latex-layering-strategy. Since this is from 2019, it is possible that the componentry in the current models in not the same, and it would be great to know what the current configuration is, in order to address my issue (described below).

Based on my body, sleep position, and the Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses componentry (above from 2019), and some other information I’ve found about the Pure Talalay Bliss models, I thought that the Beautiful could be too soft for me and hammock, and the Pamper would be too hard, so I went straight to try the Nutrition and the Nature. My alignment was off on the Nature, but it was very good on the Nutrition. I laid for 15 minutes on each of them, one on my right side and the other one on my left side, and unfortunately to my surprise and disappointment both of them caused shoulder pain like I’ve never experienced before in any mattress. I roam around the store for a while hopping that the shoulder pain would go away so I could try the Beautiful or something else, but after ½ an hour the pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck was still there, so I laid on the Beautiful on my back for 5 minutes, and although I wouldn’t say it hammocks, I definitely felt my butt sinking, perhaps this is OK since I mostly sleep on my side, but somehow I feel that the Beautiful could become too soft down the road and affect my alignment.
Based on research, reviews and comments regarding the Pure Talalay Bliss Beautiful, Nature and Nutrition, I thought I was on the right track and I was hopeful that any of this mattresses would be an approximate match for my PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences), so then I could purchase “similar” components to DIY a mattress that would feel “similar” to the one in the store. But after my experience at the mattress store I’m very frustrated and confuse.

I would also consider a hybrid rather than an all latex mattress, but based on all that I have read so far, I’m not sure if one vs the other will have any significant impact in achieving a match for my PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). It seems that it is all about getting the “right” layers combination regardless of whether the support layer is made out of coils or latex. If my assumption correct?

Assuming that my assumption is right, I would rather go with an all latex mattress based on the fact that it would be easier to maneuver the mattress components by myself. Handling the coil layer of a queen size matters will be a hustle. However, it's easier to deal with split latex layers that are manageable in both weight and size.

I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful that I can find the right components combination that matches my PPP, but so far this seems to be one of those tricky ones in which a mattress either feels too soft or too hard for me.

Hopefully you can shine a light on the Pure Talalay Bliss models componentry and why they did not work for my PPP, and can also suggest a layers combination that could work for me.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

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Help, confused after trying latex mattresses 28 Jun 2021 12:02 #2

Thank you for all your information. I'm very familiar with the PLB models. Sounds to me like you need something in between the Nutrition and Beautiful. If choosing our DIY components I would get a 6" #32 Blended Talalay base core or cores depending on size you need. Over that I would get a 3" #19 Talalay for the comfort layer. I would not get the cover just yet but instead just put a sheet over those 2 components and see how you sleep. At this point you can decide whether you need to tweak the feel a little softer or a little firmer but I believe it will be just right for you and if so you can add our minimal Organic cotton cover @ 9" to finish it off. PLB uses #14 super soft on top of the Beautiful which is too soft for someone of your weight and you basically just sink right through it. #19 is a much better choice for someone your weight and I should know because I'm about the same and sleep on the #19 and I'm mostly a side sleeper. Let me know your thoughts on my recommendation.

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Help, confused after trying latex mattresses 28 Jun 2021 19:54 #3

Hello Arizona Premium Mattress,

Thank you so much for your response and recommendation!

I went to your website and I click on www.mattresses.net/diylamaco.html, but I didn’t see the 6" #32 Blended Talalay base core that you recommended, FYI I would like to get a QUEEN size mattress.

Although having the option to exchange layers is great, I still would like to get it “right” from the get go, and I think that with a little more knowledge perhaps I can find something that would be as close as possible to matching my PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences), so that if there is a need for exchanging layers, it would only require one exchange at the most.

While I trust your record and experience, there are still things that are not clear to me, and I would like to be a little surer before ordering components for a DIY mattress. In the end it may just end up being what you have recommended, but I would like to feel more confident about my purchase. With that in mind, would you be so kind as to answer the following questions?

1) What is the componentry (materials, thickness and IDL) of the Pure Talalay Bliss Beautiful and Nutrition? (Knowing this will help to answer question #2)

2) Why lying on the Nutrition for 15 minutes caused pain in my shoulder, even when my spine alignment was very good? For the record, I have never experienced shoulder pain on any mattress, so this was a big surprise for me, and if it wasn’t for the latex mattress’s knowledge that I’ve acquired before trying the mattresses in the store, I would be very concern about laying on a latex mattress again.

3) Which kind of Talalay and Dunlop (Synthetic, Blended, ALL Natural, Certify Organic) does your Talalay and Dunlop cores consist of? Do you have/offer more than one type of Talalay and Dunlop?

4) What is different about your recommended 6" #32 Talalay base core plus a 3" #19 Talalay comfort layer, when compared to the Nutrition that will lead to believe that it won’t cause shoulder pain when I lay on my side?

5) What is the reason for recommending a 6" #32 Blended Talalay base core, instead of a 6" Dunlop Base Core?

Looking forward to your answers and expert advice.

Thanks again!

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Help, confused after trying latex mattresses 29 Jun 2021 10:16 #4

Sorry, wrong link sent - www.mattresses.net/100--natural-and-blended-latex-cores.html is the correct one. That being said the Beautiful uses 6" Blended Talalay #36 core, then 3" of #24 then 3"of #15. The Nutrition I believe has the same core, then 2"of #28 and 3" of #21. My suggestion of 6" #32 core and 3" #19 should fit right in between as far as feel goes. We offer both all natural and blended Talalay. PLB uses blended despite the confusion of them saying it's natural. We also offer both blended, all natural and certified organic dunlop latex. Talalay has a softer feel than the equivalent dunlop which is why I recommend it vs dunlop given your shoulder issues.

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Help, confused after trying latex mattresses 29 Jun 2021 19:18 #5

Hello Arizona Premium Mattress,

Thank you again for your prompt response and recommendation!

What do you think about a transitional mattress construction with a 3" Dunlop layer - Medium: 28-33 under the comfort layer, and under that at the bottom a 3" Dunlop layer - Firm: 34-38, instead of a 6" #32 Blended Talalay under the comfort layer? Or maybe the same concept but all 3 layers in Talalay?

While I get your point, “Talalay has a softer feel than the equivalent dunlop which is why I recommend it vs dunlop given your shoulder issues”. This also means that we could, in theory, use a support Dunplop layer with a little lower IDL than #32 Blended Talalay to get a “similar” feel/support. Is my assumption correct? I’m only bringing this up because I’ve seen Dunlop being recommended as support layer/s more often than Talalay. If there some other quality/characteristic besides the IDL rating that would make one latex better than the other as a support layer?

Which of the following configurations could work better for me? Just exploring possibilities.

Mattress 1:
Top: 3" #19 Natural Talalay for the comfort layer
Bottom: 6" #32 Blended Talalay base core

Mattress 2:
Top: 3" #19 Natural Talalay
Middle: 3" All Natural Dunlop Toppers, Medium: 28-33
Bottom: 3" All Natural Dunlop Toppers, Firm: 34-38

Mattress 3:
Top: 3" - #19 Natural Talalay
Middle: 3" - #28 Natural Talalay
Bottom: 3" - #32 Natural Talalay

Looking forward to your expert advice!

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