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Accurate information regarding latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, adjustable bases, latex pillows, etc. Industry professional of over 40 years expertise in the mattress field currently using suppliers Talalay Global, Latexco, Radium Foam, Latex Green and Leggett & Platt.
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Hybrid vs All Latex for slide sleep with disc issues 12 Jul 2021 13:10 #1

My wife and considering either a latex hybrid or an all-latex mattress and would be grateful for feedback for our situation.
  • We are looking for a king-sized mattress. Questions are in red.
  • I’m mostly a side sleeper (I have acid reflux). I also have bulging discs in my neck and minor back issues, so proper conformality and support is important. I manage these issues pretty well, but I want to make sure that our next mattress accommodates my body well in case the situation deteriorates.
  • My wife sleeps in all positions, but mostly side.
  • I’m 5’9” 175 pounds, she’s 5’5” 145 pounds.
  • I am always hot. She is always cold. She currently uses a heated mattress pad on her side of the bed. Would this be a bad idea on top of a 3” blended latex comfort layer?
  • The Leggett & Platt coils are 8” tall and are zoned. The Quantum Edge coils are 6” and not zoned. Would non-zoned coils be better for side sleepers our size? Maybe it depends on the comfort layer(s)?
  • We don’t have strong feelings about 100% pure latex vs blended latex from your store.
  • We are getting rid of a 16 year old Stearns and Foster (RoseSummer) bed that has become VERY saggy in the middle. It was great in the store, but quickly seemed too hard after we slept on it. Rather than return it, we softened it up using two 1.5” latex toppers. That worked for years, but the indentations are now severe and uncomfortable.
For pre-built mattresses, manufacturers (including APM) seem to always have a substantial wool layer between the comfort layer and the cover. Is this a code requirement for pre-built mattresses to comply with fire-retardant rules? Wool would seem to be less conformal than latex. It looks like a DIY mattress can be built without this layer using your Organic Cotton Zippered Mattress Cover.

Coil core vs latex core: I’m under the impression that the differences between the two are subtle (for most people) when building mattresses using materials from your store. When referring to a “coil” below, I’m referring to a quality coil like the Leggett & Platt Combi-Zone or the Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa. Are my assumptions below correct?
  • Would one be significantly better for side sleepers?
  • A latex core will last somewhat longer than a coil core. How much longer for a couple our size?
  • A coil core is springier than a latex core, which may not be as good for movement isolation from your sleeping partner, but is somewhat better for sex. Both qualities are important to us, but we’re okay with a compromise, especially if the difference is subtle.
  • A coil core will be cheaper than a latex core, especially for a king-sized mattress.
  • A coil core will have somewhat better edge support than pure latex.

Which configuration do you think would fit our needs best?

Mattress #1 (11” hybrid L&P)
8” Combi-zone L&P
3” Blended Talalay (19 ILD)
Cotton mattress cover

Mattress #2 (9” hybrid Quantum Edge)
6” Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa
3” Blended Talalay (19 ILD)
Cotton mattress cover

Mattress #3 (9” All Latex)
6” Blended Latex (28 ILD)
3” Blended Talalay (19 ILD)
Cotton mattress cover

Mattress #4 (11” 3-layer hybrid Quantum Edge)
6” Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa
2” Dunlop (medium 28-33)
3” Blended Talalay (19 ILD)
Cotton mattress cover

#4 is a modification of another plan that I saw posted here. I replaced the LP with the Quantum Edge. The Quantum Edge is shorter, so the whole stack isn’t as hard to fit sheets. The Quantum Edge isn’t zoned, which might be slightly better for side sleepers, though it may not matter with the 2” middle layer in this stack.

I suspect that the largest difference between the options above is mostly cost.
Any advice that you can give would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hybrid vs All Latex for slide sleep with disc issues 12 Jul 2021 17:14 #2

Good questions. The Quantum Edge is used on many different configurations from Leggett and Platt including both our Bolsa and Combi zone. I can tell you out of all the configuration listed the most popular choice in our showroom is the #3 however with the #32 core instead of #28. It's so popular we call it our Goldilocks model. It's at least an 8-1 preference over our hybrids. Your #4 config I can see working well also but only if you like the extra bounce of a coil system. Side sleepers really gravitate to the all latex design simply because its more conforming than a coil system and thus better pressure relief. A latex core should hold up very well for close to 2 decades or even more. The soft top layer will take all the wear and tear and need to be replaced more often, around every 8 years given your weight. The coils will give you 10-15 years of solid service.Talalay latex still has some bounce to it so don't discount it for extra curricular activities (says the guy with 5 kids who sleeps on all Talalay). Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hybrid vs All Latex for slide sleep with disc issues 13 Jul 2021 16:16 #3

Thank you for the quick response.

You'd recommend the 6" core made from #32 Talalay over a Dunlop core for us?

Your comment suggests that internet buyers tend to choose hybrids because they are familiar with springs, while showroom buyers who actually try out the beds tend to choose the models with latex cores. My wife has been leaning towards the hybrid because she's familiar with coils, though she seems now more open to a latex core after your comment. Are we interpreting your comment correctly?

We're zeroing in our our purchase. Would you recommend ordering without the cover first? Or does this seem like a pretty safe combo? What's the lead time these days?

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Hybrid vs All Latex for slide sleep with disc issues 14 Jul 2021 09:10 #4

I'm sorry but I don't remember all the details of our phone call as far as my recommendation but yes, in store our all latex designs outsell our hybrids 8-1. You do not need the cover initially so that gives you time to get the feel where you want it then get the cover. The cover itself will firm up the feel ever so slightly so keep that in mind.

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