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Best Mattress for SHORT Term Use 18 Mar 2018 15:07 #1

I am going to need a decent queen mattress that will be used only 10 nights each month---for a little over a year. Don't want to spend lots of $$ for a minimum use item. Any suggestions on air mattresses (BEST, MOST DURABLE--for LIMITED regular (10 nights/month),m or FOAM, or a"regular" mattress? Many thanx.

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Best Mattress for SHORT Term Use 19 Mar 2018 10:24 #2

If you're only using it for a year and ten nights per month, durability really won't be much of an issue. Even lower density foam will tend to hold shape well for that amount of use, even for adults. As for the options you listed, I would eschew the air mattresses, as the vinyl obviously isn't breathable and tends to trap moisture between yourself and the mattress, and the resistance isn't progressive. You can find good values in both innerspring design and all foam design. For innerspring, you'll most likely be looking at options using different types of polyurethane foam in the comfort layers, and for this particular use it wouldn't be necessary to go with higher density foams, but of course it's a bonus if you find something in your price range that offers such. For an all foam product, there are inexpensive options using a polyurethane foam core and then some polyurethane foam on top of that for a comfort layer, or perhaps even a little memory foam. There's a thread here on the forum that talks about some lower priced items, but for the life of me I can't recall where it is. Overall you'll probably be able to find your largest selection through innerspring offerings at a better sleep shop or furniture store (if they show items in these lower prices ranges), but there are also some decent inexpensive boxed bed products out there. Oh, I remember now. The Arctic Dreams was a popular inexpensive model that was mentioned. But that's just one, and I'm not endorsing it. But if you do a search for that on the forum perhaps you'll run across that thread that talks about inexpensive mattress offerings.

Good luck!
Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator™ Owner of Mattress To Go
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