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Natural mattress cover for latex beds 07 Mar 2018 13:45 #1

Is buying a mattress cover that includes plastic counterproductive for a latex mattress? I recently purchased a GOTS certified latex mattress because I was concerned about the chemicals used in non-latex mattresses. I haven't been able to find a mattress cover that is made of 100% organic and/or natural materials. Are mattress covers necessary?

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Natural mattress cover for latex beds 08 Mar 2018 08:47 #2

Hi Kim111,

Glad to hear you have recently invested in a cleaner sleep system!
I'm sure you would agree that getting an organic mattress is a long-term investment - which I think is worth protecting. Many of these organic mattresses will have an outer cover that you would not want to get spoiled – this can be easily avoided with the use of a mattress protector.

There are many different types of mattress protectors out there - all at different price points. Ones that include a plastic liner are mostly needed when young children or accidents on the mattress are prone to happening – although these liners do not breathe as well, they act as a barrier ensuring nothing will go through.
Dormio has many different options listed on our website which can also be used as a guideline when shopping locally.

Wool being very absorbent, is a great plastic alterative. Although organic wool is not machine washable, some may be hand washed depending on the recommended care instructions. This would be suitable for most adults because it would not require allot of laundering - other then the odd accident.
You can also find wool products that are washable – the natural wool goes through a process called the “hercosett process”. This is the most frequently used method in the industry – also referred to as a Super Wash. First the wool is descaled and then a silicone-like coating is applied – this makes for easy laundering.

I hope this provides you with some options in protecting your new investment.
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