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Dormio compared to other companies 27 Jul 2020 05:04 #1

Why is there is such a huge cost discrepancy between Dormio and Nature’s Embrace/Majestic?

Is Dormio a better product?

If it is, why is it?

Thank you

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Dormio compared to other companies 27 Jul 2020 09:23 #2

Hello, thank you for our inquiry. At Dormio we feel our designs, materials selection, and in store experience are second to none. I can't speak on the pricing of competitors mattresses. We know the cost of our materials and overhead and price accordingly. Our sales people spend many hours with customers helping them make the right selection, which is also why we display so many models. Many companies that operate almost exclusively online will suggest people to try a different companies mattress with the offer of producing an analogue at a slashed price, but don't tell consumers about the multiple factors that make a mattress feel different. As an example, the cover over the latex controls how you interact with the latex within. One can put the exact same latex in a quilted Canvas cover, a quilted cover with two way stretch or a non quilted cover with four way stretch and end up with a completely different mattress feel and support.
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