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Details about the Dormio Premium Line 28 Jul 2020 19:08 #1

Hello again Dormio!

I’m very interested in purchasing a bed from you because I have been told that the quality is excellent and my friends are happy with their purchases.

I would like to make an informed decision and have specific questions I would like answered before I do; I’m not trying to get information to apply it to another company. I just want information about the bed I may purchase and I would like to be able to compare to other options out there so I understand what I am getting.

However, I am having a hard time getting specific information about Dormio beds. I keep getting what seems like a sales pitch instead of information.

Here is what I know:

1. Dormio’s opportunity to test beds is important and a lot of time is taken. (I went once and will go back again this week.)
2. The 'feel' is an important focus at Dormio. (Which I agree with and have narrowed it down to 2-3 beds).
3. Dormio is committed to flexibility with their mattresses.
3. Obasan manufactures Dormio’s mattresses.
4. Dormio’s GOLS latex certicate is through Obasan.

What I have been trying to find out but can’t get answers to from the sales rep at Dormio is:

1. What are the specific material and manufacturing processes that Dormio uses to make a superior product? (I am told it is superior to other brands)
2. What are the ILD ratings for soft, medium and firm?
3. What is the difference, if any, between Sri Lankan, Indonesian, and Indian latex? Is this question irrelevant and depends more on how it is processed?

It would be really helpful if I had answers to these questions, so I can understand what I am purchasing.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Details about the Dormio Premium Line 29 Jul 2020 13:06 #2

Hi Lrae,

Thanks for your questions.

We don't claim any special manufacturing techniques or special materials beyond them being the best available -- just great design, great quality base materials and great quality manufacturing. Our materials used are the best available to the industry, Obasan who is our subcontractor for this product is widely know for impeccable quality of manufacturing. We do feel our designs and shopping experience are what make the difference for consumers when selecting brands if they are using equal quality materials. The organic canvas we use on the Premium collection is to my knowledge unique to/or very rare in the industry. It creates additional support and interaction with the latex that can't be found elsewhere.

As for ILD -- our soft is 18-20 / medium is 28-30 / firm 36-40.

As for differences with Indian Latex, one can't use a big brush to cover the whole country. If latex is made properly it can be high quality from any producing country. Like all manufactured goods, some are excellent and some arguably less so i.e. Lexus vs. Suzuki cars both are Japanese. Yes, one is a lot less expensive but possibly more expensive in the long run. For more information, Phoenix addressed the question of Indian latex in this thread www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/17204-chinese-and-indian-latex/

I hope this answers your outstanding questions.

Thanks again,

Lance, Dormio Organic Beds ~ CANADA
Ph: (905) 608-1135 / Toll Free: (855) 535-8687
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Details about the Dormio Premium Line 30 Jul 2020 13:48 #3

Hello Lance,

Thank you for your response. You did answer the questions I was considering. This is very helpful.

All the best,

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