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Allergic to latex and memory foam….help!!! 19 Aug 2021 18:31 #1

Hi..I am a Canadian…
My older kingsdown mattress is allmost done…when I bought this mattress 9 years ago, tried many that caused me to generate heat and my skin felt like it was on fire!!1..so this one mattress worked until now..(need a softer mattress and it has started to sink) has NO latex…so I thought that was my problem..
SO…again the nightmare begins to replace it…
tried an “endy” mattress (made in Canada)..bed in a box…NO latex…BUT again…the searing heat!!! Softness was great..
coughing, chest tightness…only could attribute this to the memory foam (made out of poly-urethane)..also previously had to trash some memory foam pillows..
Returned Endy…
.then tried a TALALAY 3” mattress topper on my older mattress…was told this toe of latex should be OK,…is expensive…well, what a mistake…same problem…and can’t return it..
Bought a natural wool mattress cover, that did not work..
Now using an asthma inhaler at night..
Bought a new great pillow…barley hull…made a big difference for head…takes some getting used to..
SO….at a LOSS…what to do…I have never heard of any mattress not using latex or memory foam…probably need coils also..
This senior active lady would Appreciate any help……

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Allergic to latex and memory foam….help!!! 21 Aug 2021 00:11 #2

Hi Rockylady,

Sorry to hear that your last talalay mattress topper cannot be returned, that's frustrating, especially when you are experiencing breathing problems. Many folks online claim that even if your allergic to latex you should be fine with latex toppers and mattresses, I don't fully believe that. I bought a latex topper to try and had a poor experience too.... never again.

Anyway, If you cannot use latex or memory foam you may just have to use the old fashion innerspring and cotton batting beds.
My Green mattress makes one that is called: Pure Echo Organic Mattress. (Includes wool, cotton and springs) here is the link

NaturePedic also makes one but it's much more costly. www.naturepedic.com/adult/mattresses/chorus-organic-mattress

Hope you find something that works. :)

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Allergic to latex and memory foam….help!!! 21 Aug 2021 12:35 #3

Hello Rocklady, If you send you address to info@dormio.ca, I will send samples of our materials so you can check for any allergic reactions before committing to a purchase.
Lance, Dormio Organic Beds ~ CANADA
Ph: (905) 608-1135 / Toll Free: (855) 535-8687
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