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Custom Size Topper

02 Feb 2019 20:30 #1 by Always Learning
Greetings and thank you for the wealth of information provided here! Who would think there's SO much to know about mattresses and toppers! I have a very firm mattress that is in good condition but is now feeling less comfortable to me. My research here leads me to try a latex topper; I think I want a Talalay one. I'm a side and back sleeper with a " big differential between my waist and hips" so I need the sink in action. However, my bed is queen sized width and 90 inches long so it will have to be custom made. I would like the topper to be one piece as opposed to 2 pieces glued together. I see that KTT Enterprises is a manufacturer you recommend who can manufacture any size and I plan to contact them for information. Assuming that my custom size topper won't be returnable, I want to try out toppers or latex comfort layers before I order one. I live in New York City. Can you suggest places or ways to try comfort layers? Are there other recommended topper manufacturers you can offer? Thanks again!

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04 Feb 2019 12:02 #2 by Latex Mattress Factory.

Thank you kindly for your inquiry! There are a few variables to consider when purchasing a topper for your existing mattress. First and foremost, adding a topper will not fix an uneven mattress surface. Make sure that your mattress is perfectly level, with no permanent indentations. Toppers will only magnify any uneven areas in your mattress due to the natural contouring nature of latex.

I recommend toppers based primarily on the customer's weight and preferred sleeping positions. For example, most customers weighing less than 170lbs that are side to back sleepers primarily, and are looking to create a softer surface for their mattress will tend to go with either a 2" or 3" topper with an ILD range of 19 to 22. If they are needing their mattress surface to be just slightly softer, they will go with the 2". If they are wanting it significantly softer, they will choose the 3". If you are over 170lbs, but no more than 250lbs, I would recommend a 2" or 3" medium topper with an ILD range of 28 to 32 (the heavier a person is, the higher the ILD they will need).

One thing to keep in mind is that latex is created in three sizes primarily; Twin Extra Long, Queen and King (king layers are only available in Dunlop). Because of this, the lengthiest measurement of any of those sizes is 80 inches. This means that if you are going to special order a queen layer that is 90 inches long, you would need to find a company that can or will special order a continuous-pour Dunlop latex. However, if you are wanting your special size topper to be Talalay, there is no way around having to glue the additional 10 inches to the end of the layer due to the fact that Talalay is only made in Twin-XL and Queen sizes.

I hope this info helps. Should you have any questions, or would like to discuss further, please don't hesitate to call our office any time. Thank you, and good luck!

Latex Mattress Factory
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06 Feb 2019 18:53 #3 by Always Learning
Replied by Always Learning on topic Custom Size Topper
Greetings! Thank you for your quick and very helpful response. Although I was hoping to get natural Talalay in one piece, I understand that it's not possible. I wanted to avoid the gluing because of concerns that the pieces will separate over time. My plan is to replace the entire bed in 2-3 years so I'm not as concerned with gluing. Also, the ILD info you provided is extremely helpful.

I have just been in contact with KTT who offer "a range of blended Talalay foam". Although I will inquire with KTT, does the blend refer to a rubber mix formula or a combination of different layers in the topper?

What I'm happy about is although KTT is not not a retail store, they invited me to come and try out the toppers (or foam layers) to create the best fit for me.

I appreciate the information you've provided as well as the resources you share. Thanks again!

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08 Feb 2019 17:44 #4 by Latex Mattress Factory.

Thanks again for your inquiries, we really do appreciate them!

Most companies use a non-toxic water-based latex glue that is very strong and durable. These glues will actually hold up longer than the latex itself to be honest. You should not have any issues with glue seams coming apart whatsoever.

'Blended' Talalay simply means that natural latex is blended with synthetic man-made latex within in the Talalay process. The standard ratio of synthetic to natural latex in blended Talalay is 70% synthetic, 30% natural. Talalay latex is available in both blended and natural form. Natural Talalay is produced in the same process, but consists of a different ratio of the same ingredients (95-98% latex and 2-5% synthetic). For more information on blended Talalay latex, here is a link explaining what 'Blended Talalay' means: .
Both Natural and Blended Talalay have similar comfort levels/feels, and both are considered natural, non-off-gassing products that sleep cool due to their open-celled structure.

Please feel free to call our office anytime for more information. Happy Hunting!

Latex Mattress Factory
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