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Can this bed be saved? 15 Jul 2021 14:02 #31

I have the non pillow top version with firm coils and soft latex ( also used microcoils in medium). 6 inches of comfort layers seemed like too much to me, I'm 6'2" male 180 lbs. Simply unzipping the cotton encasement of the coils could work okay but removing it all the way is better as even just unzipping it you still would have the cotton pulling other coils towards the hips. Latex has many of the same characteristic as the encased sheet coils presented - body impressions stretch the latex from below and above towards it, where as open PU foam doesn't have this characteristic. If you were to use a stretch knit mattress cover it would help the mattress immensely. Having encased coils in non stretch cotton + latex + a non stretch mattress cover is just asking for everything to sink towards the hips.

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Can this bed be saved? 15 Jul 2021 14:13 #32

That pillow top separation layers between everything would also a problem. Its probally the same separation textile as the bottom of the mattress cover. I don't have the pillow top so can't verify. I also don't know how you would fix that other than cutting off those separation layers to allow the comfort layers to blend together. Having all natural mattress presents alot of problems for design due to not having elastic materiels available.

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