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Need help constructing my DIY mattress layers (comparisons included) 26 Oct 2021 23:29 #1


Thank you for helping me today.

  • I am a side sleeper
  • 130-150 pound female (my weight fluctuates up and down over the years). Currently I am 145.
  • I will be pregnant in the future
  • I have bony bones that definitely need pressure relief, which makes me think I like soft mattresses.
  • But I've found that too soft of a mattress seems to make my pressure points worse, which sounds counterintuitive. It's like having too little support causes all of the pressure to concentrate in my shoulders and hips instead of evenly around my body
  • I also get chest pain from sleeping on mattresses with improper support.
  • I sleep hot
  • Is a back sleeper
  • 180-200 pounds
  • Tends to prefer a soft feel[

I am trying to build a bed on latex mattress factory and am a little overwhelmed by the options.

According to my personalized assessment from sleeping organic, they recommended:
3 inches talalay latex 19-23 ILD
3 inches talalay latex 19-23 ILD (actually. this layer was recommended to be split dunlop/talalay latex for mine/partner's sides, soft for each)
3 inches dunlop latex 26-32 ILD
3 inches dunlop latex 36-40 ILD

I would like to put either a 1.5, 2, or 3 inch wool topper on whatever latex mattress I get. I like the idea of combining plushness with latex's springiness. But I am worried that the above mattress configuration will be too soft with the topper, and frankly without it as well.

I want my bed to have adequate support and durability. I'm not sure how thick or dense the support layers of latex need to be on pure latex mattresses. And I don't know if it's important to have a very firm base layer that allows the other layers to maintain shape over time.

I have tried a few latex beds in person, including:
Serenity Latex Hybrid
1 inch talalay latex 19 ILD
2 inches talalay latex 24 ILD
4 inches HD foam
2 inches talalay latex 24 ILD
1 inch talalay latex 19 ILD

I loved the bouncy feel of the talalay on this. It was my first time feeling the material & it immediately felt right. I felt like the 1 inch 19 ILD layer was too thin, which I noticed as I laid on it. I didn't like feeling the HD foam through only 3 inches of latex. It felt like it needed more comfort layers to me.

4 inches dunlop latex ILD unknown
9 inches coils

I thought this was too firm and didn't like feeling the coils through the 4 inches of latex.

A layer of wool
2 inches talalay latex 20-24 ILD
8 inches coils

Despite being firmer, I thought this mattress had a very comfortable feel to it. I'm a big fan of talalay, but I'm worried since I've only ever felt it in 2 inch thickness, that I'm not getting the full effect of how bouncy it can be. I'm worried that the thicker it gets, the bouncier. I like bouncy but I don't want my bed to be like a trampoline.

Avocado with Pillow top
2 inches wool
2 inches dunlop latex 14-19 ILD
2 inches dunlop latex 14-19 ILD
8 inches coils
1 inch dunlop latex 14-19 ILD

This was my favorite mattress that I tested. I was able to lay on my side with absolutely no pressure point pain. But, I wanted it to feel even plusher and less firm. I wish there was talalay latex in it, though I'm unsure how much I would've liked. I am curious if it is a smart idea to add a soft layer below your support core to absorb more pressure, or if it's better to put the firmest layer on bottom to help preserve the integrity of the layers.

So now I am trying to decide on my DIY build. This is what I have so far
Between 1.5 - 3 inches of wool
Between 2-3 inches of talalay latex ILD 19
Between 2-3 inches of medium (ILD 28) latex --- unsure if talalay or dunlop would be better here
Between 2-3 inches of firm (ILD 38) latex -- I THINK this one can safely be dunlop but don't know if talalay would secretly work better.

In addition to the comments I wrote in-line, these are the additional questions I had:
  • Will 3" of soft talalay be too much if combined with a wool topper, as in, will it provide inadequate support? Should I go with 2" talalay if I choose the 2" or 3" inch wool topper and 3" talalay if I choose the 1.5 inch topper? Or is it possible to combine, say, the 3" wool topper with the 3" soft talalay and still have good support?

  • Is the medium latex layer a good idea given that I've generally enjoyed beds with more layers transitioning to the support core? Or should this just be made firm to beef up the support core layers? Also, if it is kept medium as a transitional layer, should it be 2 or 3 inches?

  • Is 3" of firm latex support enough, or should I add another layer in there so that I have 6" of firm support? Should I make the medium layer be firm instead?

  • I'm trying to get away with 3 layers of latex so that I can afford the wool topper, but based off the info that I've provided, is it a better idea for me to get 4 KNOWING that I'll be getting a wool mattress topper either way? Or will 3 be fine?

I'm also wondering if the 3 layer version of sleeping organic & the 3 layer version of plushbed's botanical bliss might be good options too, knowing that I will be using a wool topper with them.


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Need help constructing my DIY mattress layers (comparisons included) 27 Oct 2021 11:19 #2

Hello Nickatclai

Thank you kindly for reaching out! Based on the information you so kindly provided, I would recommend a 10" mattress, which is made up of three 3" layers of latex and is encased in a cotton quilted to wool zippered cover. I recommend a Soft 3" Talalay over Medium 3" Dunlop over Firm 3" Dunlop for you. At 145lbs respectfully, the soft Talalay on top will provide a plush feel that offers contour and pressure relief. The medium over firm Dunlop below will provide you with gradual support. For your partner, I recommend a Medium 3" Talalay over Medium 3" Dunlop over Firm 3" Dunlop. Anyone over 190lbs up to approximately 220 should go with the Medium Talalay on top because it is going to provide similar contour and pressure relief that a Soft Talalay will do for you at your weight. The Medium over Firm below will provide your partner with the same gradual support.
These configurations can be changed if need be by unzipping the cover and rearranging the layers within. For example, if you were to want to try a slightly firmer feel, you could drop your soft to the center and bring your medium to the top. This will provide you with a more supportive feel on the surface of your mattress. We offer a 30-day one-time comfort exchange guarantee. This means that you can exchange any one layer, at a flat $45 ship fee, within the 30 day period. This layer exchange option eliminates the risk of purchasing a mattress online sight unseen.

Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call our office as well. You can reach us at 1-800-637-0872. Thanks again, we look forward to hearing from you!

Latex Mattress Factory
Latex Mattress Factory
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