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normal Hybrid mattresses and box springs?

12 Oct 2018 07:48 #1 by samanthaevelynlewis

Just wondering if you can put a hybrid foam and coil mattress on a box spring? Is it solid enough of a foundation? Thanks!

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18 Oct 2018 09:20 #2 by Luma Sleep

Hello Samantha,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep through the Experts Forum! To answer your question in general, yes, a hybrid foam and coil mattress can be properly supported by a "box spring". To answer your question specifically, it will depend on the age and condition of the box spring. The best way to determine if your box spring is a good fit for the mattress is to check with the mattress company you are purchasing from.
We note that "box spring" is a term from back in the "old days" when they truly were springs used under a mattress. The more common term used nowadays is foundation. Foundations are typically either a metal grid stapled to a wood platform (called a semi-flex), a wood frame build-up or slatted wood (on a wood frame). There are other products used to support mattresses, but that's likely more involved information than you are looking for!
Hope this helps!

Team Luma

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