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Mattress with no motion transfer

12 May 2019 16:31 #1 by elena1977
I need a new mattress.
My biggest need is to have NO or the leas amount of motion transfer.
My husband moves a lot and I cannot sleep anymore. If I cannot find a mattress that does not transfer motion I will have to move to a different room.
We are side sleepers.
I do not life foam - as a rule.
Anything fine.
THANK YOU so much.

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13 May 2019 04:21 - 13 May 2019 04:23 #2 by Luma Sleep
Hello elana1977,

Thank you for reaching out to Luma Sleep! Motion transfer primarily occurs from the force of kinetic energy produced by your body weight and movement. When you change positions you generate a force that is transferred to the support system of your mattress. The response of the mattress support system to this force creates what is termed as motion transfer. Traditional coil systems where the coils are connected to each other with spiral wiring (referred to as wire-tied coils) produce the most motion transfer as the wires tying the coils together transfer energy horizontally as well as vertically. Individually wrapped pocketed coils produce minimal motion transfer as the design is for the coils to transfer the energy vertically, and as independent coils, absorb the energy vertically as they compress. There is one caveat. If the individually wrapped coils are connected at the top and bottom with a non-woven fabric sheet, there is some limited motion transfer as the fabric sheets transfer some energy laterally by pulling on the coils in the region. Latex foam cores product very little motion transfer as the latex compresses and transfers the energy vertically. Firm, high-density poly foam cores also have minimal motion transfer as they do not compress much under the force of body weight and movement.
Based on your desire not to have foam in your mattress support system, the logical choice is individually wrapped pocketed coils, provided they are not connected by a fabric sheet layer.
Normally, based on your requirements, we would recommend a gel memory foam/pocketed coil hybrid design. However, these models typically have 3+inches of foam in the top layer comfort system.
The following list of TMU member companies that sell hybrid mattresses is the best place to start your search.

Sweet dreams.

Team Luma

Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
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Last edit: 13 May 2019 04:23 by Luma Sleep.

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13 May 2019 14:33 #3 by elena1977
Thank you very much.
I do not necessary have a problem with foam, as long as it is not the first layer - the one on which we sleep.
At this point I am willing to avoid coils all together if they are the culprits for motion transfer.

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13 May 2019 17:54 #4 by CBHWoodFurniture
Hi Elena,
You are correct, the motion transfer from one side to the other is one problem. The second problem that rides on the heels of the first one is that this will compromise the the way the bed adjusts to your body. Usually the lighter person of the two loses the most.
We have eliminated that problem entirely with out independently working slat systems in our beds (yes you do need to consider your foundation as well as the mattress). When you say that you don't like foam, keep in mind that one foam does not equal the next one. There are various types of foam (memory foam, hybrid foams and various latex foams). If you don't like the sinking feeling of a memory foam, then I don't blame you. But even on the latex foam sides there are various kinds with various different 'feels' to it. We use a very high quality (and as natural as can be) Talalay latex foam from the Netherlands which perfectly complements our slat systems to give a soft comfort layer to our beds.

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23 May 2019 15:05 #5 by elena1977
There was another response to my thread. Do you know how to find it? Did the admin remove it?
Thank you

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24 May 2019 06:57 #6 by Sensei
Hi elana1977,

I see the response from Luma Sleep on the thread, I do not see the "deleted" response anywhere. I will see if it is somewhere else on the back end. Not sure I will check.


Sensei(@ TMU Team)
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