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Confused on what material to get, what price I should be looking to pay

01 Jul 2019 11:26 #1 by vintage11

First off, thanks for compiling such useful information on here. I've gone over the how to buy a mattress thread and looked at the tutorials, but I'm pretty sure I'm more confused than I was before now :).

I'm currently in my 20s and have never really had any issues with any beds, and am mostly only looking to just upgrade to a queen over a full. I found this site because I wanted an iComfort but it was really expensive, and then it turns out the iComfort isn't that great in terms of quality from what I read.

I've only owned Beautyrests in the past and I thought they were pretty comfortable, though I've never had the bed for more than a few years (~4 years or so) due to moving and the high cost of moving the bed vs the relatively low cost of buying another ~1K bed. I currently own a Beautyrest Recharge Luxury Firm, but recently found out that as a side/back sleeper firm isn't actually that great (all those times I've heard firm is better for your back...).

I went to a large retailer recently and gained some initial knowledge about beds before I found this site, and while I've always owned a spring bed, I thought the foam ones that had cooling were actually pretty comfortable (which is what lead me to want a iComfort).

I'm about 5'9, 160-165lbs and am primarily a side and back sleeper. I'm probably hoping to spend ~1K on a bed or so (mainly due to the fact that I'm in an apartment and have moved around a bit so I'm uneasy about dropping a lot of money on a bed that may require moving cross country in a few years vs dumping and getting a new one). With my uneducated self about mattresses, I would have probably picked one of these beds: or . The beautyrest is probably really similar to my current bed except in a queen and softer.

My main questions are are there any recommendations on how to pick a material? Everything really feels comfortable in the show room, and while I have a spring and my significant other has a foam, I really don't notice the different in quality of sleep except my bed is more crowded due to being a smaller size. I like to be cool and bundled up when sleeping, so the cooling component of the foam beds felt really nice in the show room.

Additionally, I'm pretty confused as to what price I should be looking to pay too. The two beds I linked above are around 700 and I assume the biggest thing is they won't last as long. The iComforts are into the 1000s. I'm in Seattle and checked out the Seattle thread ( ) and found which has spring queens for as low as 299 and foam queens for about 890, so I'm totally confused as to what I should expect to pay for a decent quality bed.

Any help and guidance would be awesomely appreciated! I'll continue reading through the forums and tutorials, but so far my head is only spinning :). I will caveat that though I might move around, I wouldn't particularly be opposed to buying a nicer more expensive bed and using movers to move it.

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02 Jul 2019 02:59 #2 by Luma Sleep
Hello Vintage11,

Thank you for reaching out to Luma Sleep on The Mattress Underground! Your questions are the most common ones people have when looking to purchase a new mattress. It sounds like you've been doing your research, here's another link on this website that may help you -
One thing to consider as you upgrade in size from a Full to a Queen is that there is an increased price as the size increases. The price increase is not as dramatic as going from Queen to King, but with your budgetary concerns, it does add a little more complexity. The total cost will also include the foundation, sheets, and blankets (top of bed materials). These costs are sometimes not considered up front.
Purchasing your mattress set through a retail store (vs. an online-only mattress company) will mean that the retail price will include the overhead mark-ups for operating the store. However, this coming week is the 4th of July and there are major sales events for mattresses everywhere. This will allow you to find deals and to negotiate the price. If you shop on Sunday, you will have your best negotating position as the retail sales associates will be trying to close as many sales as possible (similar to a car dealer on the last day of the month)
Virtually all mattress stores, both retail and online offer 100-night in-home trials where you can return your mattress for a full refund. This gives you the option to try out the model you like best in your home for an extended period. Be careful of two things - whether the return/refund is limited to the store you purchase from (this is most common) and whether there is a hidden fee for the return/exchange.
With all the above being said, you should look for the most comfortable mattress with the highest density foams in the comfort layer (top 1/3) of the mattress. Gel memory foam densities greater than 3.5# should ensure your mattress will be durable over the long-term. Your budget limitations likely exclude having latex in the mattress sold at a retail store. The main benefit of a hybrid (pocketed coil under the gel memory foam) over an all foam mattress will be the mattress adapting to differences in the sleeping positions and the size/shape of you and your partner. As you have seen, many major national brands have models that will be priced to sell, especially this coming week/weekend.
Hope this helps!
Team Luma

Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
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02 Jul 2019 20:23 #3 by vintage11

Thanks for the detailed reply! So on this EastSideMattress website ( ), I see the memory foam queen for 890 has 5.2 pound memory foam top which I think is above the 3.5 you told me to look for, but it doesn't say anything about the support layers.

Is there anything I should keep in mind for the support layers? On the link you gave me, in the support layers for springs and Latex there doesn't seem to mention anything in particular to look for. It just seems to state that 1.8 density for polyfoam is good.

Sorry for all the questions, who knew this would be so confusing to buy a new bed!

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03 Jul 2019 01:19 #4 by Luma Sleep
Hi Vintage11,
Thanks for the follow-up. It appears the company is a factory direct business, which usually means you can get a good value for your money. A few things to find out before you purchase:
1. How thick is the 5.2# memory foam? You will want 2.5" or more.
2. Is the base support foam 1.8# density or higher?
3. What are the policies for in-home trial, returns and refunds?
4. Are there any heat retention issues with the mattress design?

It looks like you are getting close. If you are comfortable with the answers to the questions above and comfortable with the feel of the mattress, you should be good to go.

Sweet dreams,

Team Luma

Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
Researching for a mattress?... read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
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