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Silk & Snow Hybrid vs. Fleep foam mattress

31 Aug 2019 21:16 - 31 Aug 2019 21:19 #1 by number17
Hi there,
Long time lurker, first time poster, thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
In trying to replace my 7 year old spring mattress (Sealy) which is already sagging really bad in the middle and causing me and my wife backpain, I've done a lot of research and is willing to give foam mattress a try.

Me and my wife are both rather light, our BMI are both below 30. I am a side / back sleeper, while my wife is strictly a back sleeper. Both of us prefer firmer mattress.

After doing a bit of homework, and trying some mattresses which have floor model available to us, we've narrowed our choice down to 3 mattresses:

1. Silk and Snow Hybrid
1" Cooling gel foam (1.8 lb/cu-ft)
2" memory foam (3 lb/cu-ft)
1" high density foam (1.8 lb/cu-ft)
8" 1000 zoned pocketed coil (14.5 gauge on the outside, 13.5 gauge on inside)

The SS hybrid felt supportive and comfortable when we tried in the showroom. It's one of the firmer mattresses we tried and we like it. OTOH I don't like how SS seems to use rather low density foam in all 3 layers. For me and my wife, having BMI of <30, I wonder if it would still be ok?

Coming from a spring mattress which sags quite prematurely (only 7 years) I have some concerns how the coils in a hybrid will hold up overtime.

2. Fleep foam mattress
2" Perforated instant response foam (4.5 pcf)
4" Therapeutic foam (1.8 pcf)
2" Therapeutic foam (1.8 pcf)
2" Perforated gel-infused memory foam (4.0 pcf)

The fleep has a top layer (if I flip on the firm side ... it's a 2 sided mattress with a firm and a soft side) of 4.5 lb/cu-ft, which I like. However it has 2 layers of 1.8 lb/cu-ft, including a middle 4" layer.

Unfortunately fleep does not have a floor model that is available to us, so we can't test it in the showroom before we order. They do offer 100+ nights of free trial.

3. Ikea Foldoy
Not really seriously considering it, because IKEA's return policy (in Canada) sucks for mattresses. All other companies offer full money back free trial over first 100ish days, IKEA only offers free exchange if mattress doesn't feel right, plus you need to bring the mattress back to them. Plus, IKEA's mattress has pretty poor reviews, though I'm not sure if they are specific to Foldoy or it's their cheaper alternatives.

That said, the Foldoy's construction seems to be solid
1" gel injected foam (?? unknown density)
5" Memory foam (3.1 lb/cu-ft)
5" Support foam (2.2 lb/cu-ft)

The IKEA specs are a little murky over the Internet, but at least from what I can find that's the foam density. It is also ~ $150 cheaper than the other 2 mattresses (which are comparable in price) and is the only 11" mattress (the other 2 are both 10")

The Foldoy also feels very comfortable and supportive when we tried it in the showroom.

What do you think is the best mattress (at least on paper)? And which has the best chance of holding up and still being supportive 8,9 years down the road?

Any opinion / advice is much appreciated! Thanks!
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01 Sep 2019 08:02 #2 by Luma Sleep
Hello number17,
Thanks for visiting Luma Sleep on The Mattress Underground! You are wise to eliminate IKEA early in the process. IKEA buys/resells cheap, commodity products. They will last a few years but not the 8-10 years you seek. On paper, the Silk & Snow mattress system will be more durable for you in the long-term. Hybrid mattresses are more durable than all-foam mattresses. Pocketed Coil systems rarely soften over time whereas all poly-foams soften over time, some sooner than later. A 1.8 lb/cu.ft polyfoam is a reasonably good comfort layer.

Hope this helps!

Team Luma

Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
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02 Sep 2019 04:40 #3 by number17
Thanks a lot for your advice!

And what would be the main difference between hybrid and foam mattress in how they feel?

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02 Sep 2019 14:09 #4 by number17
BTW just to report on my visit to the Snow & Silk store (and their office) in downtown Toronto today for anyone who may be considering the SS mattress.

We tried both the foam mattress and the hybrid model. The foam mattress is too soft for us (comparable to Endy, maybe a tiny bit softer), but the hybrid is good. On a scale of 10, if Endy / SS foam is a 6/10, and IKEA Foldoy is a 9/10, I'd say the SS Hybrid is a 7.5 for firmness. I prefer firmer mattresses and I'd say it's just firm enough for us.

I also like the zoned coil design, the springs feel noticeably softer around the shoulder than the hip area. For me, a side sleeper, it doesn't over-compress my shoulder but gives me good support in my hip.

Further, the staff there is super helpful and friendly. She explains the mattress construction and design very clearly to us. She also explains how the warranty works, if there is premature wear and tear or sagging and how SS will fix the problem within 15 years (refund or replacement)

I think it's the right mattress so we decided to give it a try, you got nothing to lose with their 100 nights guarantee anyways. She also told us they have a 'white glove service' where for $75 they will deliver the mattress to my home, set it up, and then dispose our old mattress for us. I think I'll save the $75 by doing it myself, but it's still neat they offer that.

All in all, thus far a very positive experience. Will report on how it feels after I've spent a couple weeks sleeping on it.

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