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College student- trying to get a proper mattress in budget 21 Jul 2020 20:11 #1

Hey guys! So I'm pretty much lost. I started my mattress search 2 weeks with youtube videos from TheSlumberYard and similar channels and then transitioned to online forums and blogs. So far everything I've come across seems extremely biased. I was looking at Purple, Nectar, and Casper because they seemed convenient and popped up a lot due to (I suspect) heavy sponsorship between the companies and creators/bloggers/etc. Now, after further research, it seems that these mattresses are overrated and not worth the money at all.

As for specifics, I'm 5' 10", about 160 pounds, and I sleep on my back mostly. I am looking for a full sized mattress (that's all that fits in my apartment) and am looking for either memory foam or hybrid. I think I would enjoy hybrid more because of their longevity and resistance to sagging, but I am open to anything as I've never tried either. I've been sleeping on an innerspring mattress for more than a decade. I generally sleep a little on the hotter side but aside from that I can sleep on almost everything so I'm not extremely picky. At home, I've slept on an unknown brand mattress for the past 12 years. Every day I've woken up with lower back pain and sometimes neck pain, so I really need to replace it, and now that I have to furnish an apartment the opportunity has arisen. I plan on putting it directly on a slatted bed frame but I am willing to purchase a box spring if necessary. My budget is around $1000 US dollars and I'd prefer to stay around or below that if possible. I'm looking to purchase a mattress that won't sag or have any problems for the next few years. I need it to make it through 3 more years of school and most like a few years in my first apartment. I don't expect it to last forever, but that'd be great if it lasts for a while. Obviously this isn't like a TempurPedic level purchase; I just want a quality mattress that won't jack up my lower back like the current one I have does. Occasionally my girlfriend will come visit (probably 2-3 a month)- I'm not sure if this is relevant but I thought maybe the extra weight would affect the mattress recommendation. I know this is rather vague, but I'm not sure what other information to add so please feel free to ask anything below! Also, I've read all the stickied posts about mattresses in a box and the buying guide. I'm just lost because there's so many options. Thank you advance guys!

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College student- trying to get a proper mattress in budget 22 Jul 2020 04:24 #2

Hello Slicedtoast9,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep via The Mattress Underground! You've come to the right place, unbiased views is a core tenant of TMU.
With your $1000 budget, you should have plenty of options for a Full-size mattress. If your budget includes the slatted wood bed frame, it will be a bit more challenging but you should be able to get there. Choosing a hybrid will provide you with both longevity and more consistent comfort.
The pocket coils of a hybrid will not soften as the base polyfoam core will in the standard bed-in-a-box.
If you sleep hot, you should look for latex as the comfort layer, and if it's out of your price range, then make sure your mattress uses a new-age polyfoam that has some airflow (breathability). Memory foam will sleep hot, even those with the faux claims related to gel memory foam.
Purple and Casper will likely be too pricey as they are large brands with huge marketing budgets (that's why they've been tracking you around the internet). You are also correct that there is a deep financial relationship between the mattress review sites and the companies they feature.
There are several trusted members of TMU that you should consider. www.themattressunderground.com/the-underground/our-trusted-members
If you search the listing by the type of mattress, it will aid your search process.

Hope this helps!

Team Luma
Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
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College student- trying to get a proper mattress in budget 22 Jul 2020 18:44 #3

Hey! I just realized I posted this under the Luma Sleep subforum lol! I meant to post this under general but thank you for being so helpful. I'm going to look into your mattresses. Thank you!

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