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Comfort Exchange Advice 15 Dec 2020 10:16 #1


We recently received the Queen Firm Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress with a Firm Talalay topper and have been sleeping on it for several weeks now. I have been really struggling to enjoy a comfortable and restful night's sleep with this sleep system. I am 5'10, 160 lbs and I mainly sleep on my back, but will sometimes start the night on my side. If I'm having restless sleep, I will also switch to my stomach (temporarily). My wife is 5'3 and about 140 lbs and likes to say she sleeps on her stomach, but I think it's more of a stomach/side position and I've also seen her on her side and back while sleeping. All of these varied positions are quite possibly a result of restless sleep and trying to move to a different position to relieve discomfort.

We slept on the mattress with the topper for about two weeks and I have had muscle soreness every morning in my mid-outer back and sometimes lower back (sleeping on my back) and my collar bones (sleeping on my side). (I have been switching between back and side to relieve the discomfort as previously described.) My wife has said she hasn't had any issues. Since we have the option, I removed the topper and we slept on the mattress for about 10 nights and I still had a lot of discomfort. However, my discomfort/muscle soreness was between my shoulder blades as well as mid back (lower ribs area). I also had similar discomfort in my collar bones. My wife again said she didn't have any issues.

Generally, I'd say I have similar discomfort with both configurations with neither option easily seeming better than the other. However, some differences I noticed between the two configurations are that with the topper I had lower back and neck/shoulders discomfort (compression) when lying on my stomach with no pillow. All in all, I'm thinking this sleep system is too firm based on what I've read here about my discomfort.

The mattress we are trying to replace is a Stearns & Foster Hearthstone Luxury Firm bought in 2010 and we really loved this mattress for many years, but it is definitely past its prime. I have called S&F as well as stuck my hand inside the mattress (where one of the "handles" started to tear away) in attempts to determine any details about the mattress materials and construction. What I have determined is that the coils are ~8" individually wrapped and above the coils is some relatively firm foam (maybe 1.5-2") as a transition between the coils and the eurotop/tight top cover. The top foam layer is about 2" thick and I'm pretty sure it's quilted and not tufted because the whole cover/top layer will flop around when the bed is on its side while I'm moving it around. This top foam layer is a pretty low ILD (I'm guessing from my feel), and obviously a low density since it's S&F. With this relatively basic construction, I think we got the support we needed from the coils and the transition foam layer and then the softness from the top foam layer to fill in the space between the transition foam and our bodies (e.g. lumbar). This bed simply feels firm to the touch once you get past the top foam, but it is really just very supportive. It also has exceptional motion isolation.

In general, we both think we prefer a firmer mattress, but I think it might actually be that we prefer a more supportive mattress as I alluded to above. In addition, we both definitely prefer to be on top of the bed as opposed to sinking into it. In particular, when I was shopping in mattress stores, I tested the Aireloom Adelante Streamline Luxury Firm (I'm pretty sure this is the Glassell Streamline Luxury Firm on the Aireloom website) and felt that it was the most comfortable mattress I've ever laid on. I think the feature I liked so much is what they call the Aireloom Lift, which really felt like I was on a cloud and filled in the space between the other lower layers and my body like I described with our old S&F mattress. I felt like I could fall asleep right there in the store. Unfortunately, they don't specify any details about their materials and they are incredibly expensive. I chose Luma in efforts to get a mattress that could emulate our old mattress, but with much higher quality materials.

So with all of that, I went with the Firm mattress option with Firm Talalay topper based on conversations with the Luma chat support as well as some of the details about the S&F mattress we are trying to replace as described above. The chat support representative suggested the Firm Mattress/Firm Topper option based on my description of the S&F mattress. In addition, the comfort quiz on the Luma website suggested Firm. I chose Talalay over Dunlop for the topper because of the better pressure relief and heat dissipation of Talalay latex. (I'm realizing as I write this that Talalay is likely to give us less feeling of being on top of the mattress as we prefer and a little more "in" the mattress.) One other item to note is that before I had told the chat representative about the S&F mattress, he had suggested the firm mattress with a medium topper (probably Dunlop), which may have been a better option.

The big question is what should we exchange to? The options I've come up with are pretty different, but I'm just not sure what's right anymore and going to give us what we want. One option is the Medium Dunlop and the other is a Plush Talalay. The thought behind the Plush Talalay is that it might act similar to the top foam of the S&F and allow the supportive Firm Dunlop latex in the top of the Luma mattress to come through more and feel supportive (effectively trying to emulate the S&F construction). However, the mattress needs to be supportive enough for a stomach or stomach/side sleeper.

Lastly, I'm wondering if there are any options to exchange the Firm mattress for a Medium mattress.

Thank you in advance!

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Comfort Exchange Advice 06 Jan 2021 06:08 #2

Hello jpgavin,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep via The Mattress Underground and for speaking with Sam and Stefano by phone. We confirm that the logical Free Comfort Exchange option is to replace the 2" Firm Talalay pillowtop with a 2" Medium 100% Natural (Dunlop) pillowtop. This option should provide you with the added comfort you seek to dissipate the back muscle issues you are experiencing while continuing to provide the support you need for stomach sleeping. It should also facilitate your transition to side sleeping that you mentioned you are looking to do which should greatly reduce the stress caused by sleeping on your stomach. We have your exchange request and expect to ship your order within the next few days.

Sweet dreams,

Team Luma
Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
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