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Canada latex hybrid BIB? 08 Sep 2021 10:29 #11

Coming back on here to report that I went with a Med. 3" Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress topper from SleepOnLatex.

Welp, that helped for about a month or two. Too hard and yet not enough support. I realize it wasn't going to fix the underlying mattress problem.

Now, I'm considering just purchasing a latex bed.

Went to visit a local manufacturer but cannot afford almost $4K for a 9' in Sri Lanka natural organic latex mattress. Ideal, but outrageous price. Top layer is soft (28)ILD , then med (36), hard (44 ILD( at the bottom layer. All layers 3'. Density 5.7 lbs. Cotten/wool cover. FELT HEAVENLY for the 10 mins I layed on it.

But I spent $380 CAD for the topper already.

SO...when I visited Matelas Selection here in Montreal, since the $4k is too much, suggested maybe I go with their 6' , same as above. And use my topper.

They didn't seem to want to spend time with me to discuss that option however.

I'm researching this as an option though. I did like that Mateles Selection makes separate layers that you can change out to suit your preference. Having my own topper complicates this and they weren't sure how it might affect the warranty.

Their 6' wasn't as comfortable at trial. They couldn't tell me the IDL of this one. It's one block of Sri Lanka latex for $2659.

I'm unlikely to pursue that company. Have to buy a $75 - 109 regular mattress cover from them to get the warranty, even though I have one of my own that covers the entire matress, not. just the top.

Anyhoo, now I have to figure out if I should chuck my almost $400 full size latex topper that I"ve had for a year and get a whole new bed OR try to build my own using that topper as a middle med layer and try to match the $4k mattress I liked. If so, where to get the other layers (Sleep on Latex), cover? Warranty? Changing out layers if needed?

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Canada latex hybrid BIB? 09 Sep 2021 06:08 #12

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HI Lu1968,

Thank you for reporting back! You could always make your own mattress. Start by adding 3 or 4" of firm organic dunlop latex at the bottom, then placing your medium in the centre and adding 2 or 3" of soft over it and wrapping it all in a Tencel or wool quilted organic cotton cover. You can browse through our DIY mattress section and get an idea of how much this project would cost and decide from there if it's more cost effective to simply buy a new mattress.

Please keep us posted!

All the best

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