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Novaform Grande Plus 14" 12 May 2021 13:33 #1


love the site and content, all good stuff.

I recently made the plunge and bought the A/M Mattress and have it on a boxspring and a bedframe with center bar across. Since I am new to the world of an all foam bed and sadly am on the high side of the weight scale I suddenly find lumbar pain.... like others it goes away through the day, but comes back quicker when I lay down, typically I am a side and back sleep. I understand about zones on a mattress, but have no idea how to stiffen up the bed where my buttocks and lower back throw me out of alignment, I tried a pillow under my knees but when I wake up, the pillow is not to be found. I had tried to reduce my heat from penetrating into the mattress and have tried a towel folded in half. However, I seem to be a squirmer and wake up and it's lost in the sheets too.

I truly am excited everynight I go to bed because on my side this bed is awesome!! but the support sags out on the lower parts.... I have searched the site and noticed a few things:
    This is a common issue for foam mattresses
    I do have proper support for the bed on a boxspring and frame
    I try to use a pillow, but it slips away
    a mattress topper may help, but the bed is a medium firm so not sure I need more unless it deflects heat[

    I am sorry if this is cross referenced, I really have not written on a forum before.


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Novaform Grande Plus 14" 13 May 2021 04:16 #2

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Hi silkken@hotmail.com,

Thank you for taking the time to post your question on this forum. Just to make sure it's not a foundation issue, I suggest you place the mattress directly on the floor and sleep on it for 3-5 nights to see if your problem recurs. Please give us a report in a week or so with your results.

All the best

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Novaform Grande Plus 14" 31 May 2021 05:53 #3


back has stopped my test..........

my back got so bad that I have been receiving therapy so I have not done the test, nor slept in the bed for the past 2 weeks. the mattress I moved onto from the foam one turned out the box spring had a sag, so that bed did me no favors, I hope to conduct this test later this week....

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