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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 22 Nov 2019 11:59 #1

I very much liked that Naturepedic EOS Classic in the 8" plush coil + 3" firm dunlop, which I tried in store. I liked it even more with a 1.5" wool topper, but I feel that I would wait until the break in period before deciding to add that. But in my mind I keep coming back to what at least on paper seems like could be a similar configuration in the Natural Escape. The biggest differences I see are the zoned coils in the Natural Escape (Naturepedic=no zoning) and the button tufting (Naturepedic=no tufting). Short of that, both mattresses/manufacturers seem to share the same certifications (GOTS, GOLS, etc). Given that I can't compare coil gauges or latex IDL, am I comparing apples to oranges? I'd be looking at the full size for a solo sleeper.

Truthfully, if the EOS was several hundred less, it'd be a no brainer for me since I would prefer something I actually tried not to mention I was very impressed by the store proprietor and would be happy to give him my business. Not everyone will spend 2+ hours with you, answering every conceivable question. This was much more than I got at any other store.

But alas, the price differential is pretty big. Not knowing the Natural Escape, even if I wound up needing to buy the 2" topper, it's less costly than the EOS. Of course right now, Natural Escape is discounted, as is the EOS. The EOS is also including a lot of "freebies" that I wouldn't mind but that aren't my biggest priority, and I feel like even adding them as add-ons, the Nature Escape is less expensive (a set of sheets, two latex pillows, waterproof cotton mattress pad). Furthermore, Natural Escape has a 120-day sleep trial. Full refund or exchange. On the EOS, it'd be 60-days to make a layer exchange but no refunds.

If money was no object, but of course it is. ~$2400 vs ~$1400 (mattress, topper, protector). Besides cost, is there anything I'm missing in my thought process? Flip a coin? At first my sleeplessness was due to my current mattress; now it's due to a tenacious bout of analysis paralysis. Help!

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 22 Nov 2019 18:37 #2

We bought a My Green Mattress Natural Escape.

I have a Naturepedic EOS Classic coming on Mon. with Plush coils and Soft microcoils. Did not try the configuration you are considering.

Here are my thoughts.

The My Green Mattress Natural Escape is pretty firm. If you are female (like me) you may not like the hard zoning in the center. My husband is sleeping on it now and finds it too firm but does not feel the zoning. He is built like a football player with large shoulders. He finds it OK with the plush topper on top but I think we will be returning it. He has been on it 2 weeks and I don't think his opinion is going to change at the end of the 30 day trial. Caveat is that he also prefers a softer mattress. We had originally bought it for me and I figured I would put a plush topper on it but the firm zoning in the center has put my hips out of joint and I'm still trying to get a Dr. to put them back in. We thought the mattress was good quality and had no odor which was important to us. The My Green Mattress plush topper has a strong latex odor and has been banished to out-gas in our office room while we use our older latex from our old mattress. The old piece still has an odor but not as strong as the new one.

I do not yet have the Naturepedic EOS Classic. It is coming on Mon. I had considered them before ordering the My Green Mattress Natural Escape but thought they were too expensive. With the good reviews on the My Green Mattress Natural Escape I didn't think I had anything to lose by trying them first.

We also bought a My Green Mattress Pure Echo for my mom who likes a firm bed and usually uses a latex topper. She finds the Pure Echo very comfortable without her latex topper. It is considered a firm mattress. There was also no odor on unboxing this.

Why did I pay the big bucks for the Naturepedic EOS Classic? Because at this point I'm willing to throw money at the problem of getting a good mattress. I could try it out in the store so would avoid another misfire. It also has a good return policy and you can work on replacing the layers until you are happy with the configuration.

I also thought Naturepedic didn't have refunds but if you look at their web site they do if you order through them. From their web site:
"Naturepedic offers a 30-90 day money-back-guarantee depending on the product purchased. For EOS Series mattresses, we also offer a flexible comfort exchange program to ensure you get the best sleep of your life. These policies apply only to purchases made directly at naturepedic.com or by calling 1-800-917-3342. Products purchased from other retailers, including Naturepedic Mattress Galleries, follow the return policy of those retailers. "

Sounds like it is your retailer that doesn't have a return policy. It might be something they are willing to negotiate with you since you can order on-line and have a return policy. It is worth asking.

In my case I understand that I get a full refund if I bring it to the store within 90 days or -$200 refund if they have to pick it up. Not understanding this is one reason I went with an online purchase first. However, I am now noticing that this is not written on the receipt so I have asked them to send the terms to me in writing.

Happsy is Naturepedics on-line line so you may want to look at them. They also have the 120 day return policy.

You have to read the details of each place's return policy. Some want it boxed to ship back. Some want it donated. Both My Green Mattress and Happsy seem to want it donated.

Edit: Just noticed if you order through the web site they allow you to swap layers for free. From the Denver retailer you have to pay $80 to swap a layer. If I had known this along with the written return policy it would have given me something to think about vs ordering from the store. I too want to support the store but for the price of the mattress they should have the same return policies and swapping policies as the on-line site.

2nd Edit: If you can get to Chicago you can try the My Green Mattresses out in their show room.

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 22 Nov 2019 19:08 #3

Thank you so much, Mashmallowforme! You make some fine points. I have had some concern about the zoning in the Nature Escape and feel like there's a good chance that overall it may be too firm for me. You've also made a good point about further investigating the return policy options on the EOS with my local retailer.

Like you, I was feeling like I don't have anything to lose in trying a less expensive option first, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger because some part of me *would* rather pay more for something that is at least somewhat known to me rather than getting further enmeshed in the cycle of buy-try-tweak-return-go back to the drawing board.

I don't doubt the quality of either product, but I'm tired of trying to puzzle this out. I guess I just needed to hear another perspective, especially one that approximates my own thoughts and concerns.

Best of luck with your Naturepedic. I am going to go that route as well. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 22 Nov 2019 19:25 #4

I don't think you will regret it. I only found 2 places that offered plush (or soft) coils.

The first one I ordered from was Joybed and that was a disaster. They don't make the mattresses to the specifications they advertise on-line. They are too short, not the height advertised (skimping on the top layer) and don't put any materials list on their tags (illegal). I have two here that have to go back (because I let them try a second time but all the same problems were there including no info on the tags) but I only want to call the donation place once for a pick-up so we are waiting out the 30 day trial period on the My Green Mattress.

I had gone to the Naturepedic store before entering the on-line mattress return circus but the prices seemed unreasonable compared to what I was seeing on-line. Also I needed to experience the various things I was reading about - zoned coils, plush, nature materials vs organic materials etc. to have a real comparison for what I was seeing at Naturepedic. I'm glad you are able to go a more direct route. I wish I had figured out how to do that before putting ourselves through this circus.

On the other hand I feel like I found a gem in My Green Mattress for my mom. The Pure Echo is perfect for her. My uncle has tried it out also and is planning to order one for himself because he also likes a firm mattress. I just wish they made one with softer coils. I wouldn't hesitate to order it for myself and I'd be saving a bucket load of money over the Naturepedic.

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 28 Nov 2019 08:49 #5

My Naturepedic EOS Classic came yesterday! I slept on it last night and was in love. Orders of magnitude better than the Joybed. Makes that one feel like a cheap hotel mattress. Much better for me than the My Green Mattress Natural Escape as that was too firm. But I still think their quality was good and wouldn't hesitate to order one that sounded right for me. They just don't make a product for my 'soft bed' niche.

In terms of the free add ons the sheets are nothing special. Not as good of elastic around the base as my Amazon Pinzon organic sheets which stay on my adjustable bed better. So if you are looking for a second set of organic sheets I recommend you give the Amazon Pinzon Organics a try. The organic cotton was every bit as lovely as the Naturepedic and they are a fraction of the cost.

We just left the water proof pad in the bag. I suggest you get a full mattress encasement that unzips on all three sides so if you need to swap out the top layer it is easy to do. The mattress components are heavy!

We have put each mattress that came right into one of these to protect it. It is protected on all six sides instead of just the top. And because the top unzips it is really easy to switch out mattresses or add a comfort layer.

It has polyurethane as the waterproof layer. I wash it first according to instructions and there is no odor.

I understand that Naturepedic also uses polyurethane as their waterproof layer but it doesn't say what they use on the packaging. I still don't think its legal to not specify.

Which reminds me that My Green Mattress Plush Topper did not mark any contents on their topper. Just says 100% new materials which is a knock against them. If I bought a 100% organic Dunlop topper I want it to say that. Not be some mystery foam. It has been banished to the office room to off gas as it is very smelly.

I got the Naturepedic all cotton pillow and like it quite a bit but I don't know if it will become my primary pillow. Their other option seemed too flat to me. I think it was made of sugar cane.

My Naturepedic retailer let me know that their policy changed and now returns are free. But I don't think I will need it. I loved this mattress on the first night and I don't see that changing. They still want to charge $80 to swap the layers when you can do it for free if you order through the web site.

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 27 May 2020 16:16 #6

This is long overdue, but I did wind up going with the Naturepedic EOS Classic. While I don't regret it, for the money spent I wish it was the most magical thing ever. That's not quite the case. I do like many things about the mattress. I do.

The biggest surprise to me was that I wish it was just a tch softer! It's so close to being perfect, but I haven't the steam after all of those months of shopping and comparing. I did get a wool mattress pad and that helped, but I'm perfectly comfortable for about eight hours. On the rare occasions that I can sleep in, that's when I start to feel like my ribs and hips force me up and usually I need to be getting up anyway, so thus far it's working out!

With Naturepedic, I can try another layer. Not so easy or a priority during the pandemic. I'm also super curious about the microcoils, which were not available at the showroom I went to. My overall point is there is a little bit of tweaking that can be done to make this the perfect bed for me, but I have not done it because the bed works well enough for me so far. Maybe down the road.

As a side note, I love some of the extras that came with my purchase more than I thought I would. I would never have sprung for them, but after a few washes the sheets are actually pretty great. However, the one thing I really don't like is the Trio pillow. My purchase came with two as part of a promotion, and I actually had asked for the kapok pillows instead. Unfortunately they sent the Trio (shredded latex) anyway, and I never got around to making the swap. The theory behind the Trio is that you can remove as much of the stuffing as you want to create your own individualized pillow. Well, I like my pillows fairly flat. I had to remove stuffing several times, and it made an incredible mess each time. I ultimately removed so much stuffing that had I paid for the pillow separately, I would have been really angry bc I had to get rid of 90% of the pillow contents. I couldn't go through it a second time, so I've got one Trio on the bed and then whatever else my other pillow was. Again, I wouldn't have purchased pillows, so it's not that big of a deal.

I am sorry that the Naturepedic wool mattress pad is so expensive because it's really quite lovely. After dropping all that coin, I just couldn't do it, so I bought one from a wool mill in my state. It's just fine, and made my sleeping experience that much closer to perfect. A few more adjustments could get me where I want. Perfection isn't out of reach, but for now it's not an obsession that I feel compelled to focus on right now.

The long short is I haven't lost any sleep over the Naturepedic EOS, but I've gained some good shut-eye. Again, thanks to the Underground community and Marshmallowforme.

If I ever decide to strive for absolutely love instead of "pretty good," I will let you all know. For now, be well and stay safe!

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 27 May 2020 18:43 #7

Thanks for reporting back. It was interesting for me to read what I wrote in Nov.

Here is what we ultimately ended up with.
Naturpedic Pillowtop for me with Plush Base Coils and two layers of Medium Microcoils. It is softer than the classic (I tried both Plush with Med. microcoils and Plush with Soft Microcoils) and I needed just a bit more give. I still use my adjustable bed to raise my feet at night to give a little bit better alignment to my spine.

Naturepedic Pillowtop for my husband with Firm Base Coils and two layers of Soft Microcoils. This was actually too soft for me but my husband loved it. He says he never met a mattress that was too soft.

Then we gave up and settled. I would be alot happier if the Naturepedic mattresses were actually 80" long. They are not. I have to sleep diagonal on my almost $3K twin XL mattress which makes it feel even smaller. I resent this on a nightly basis. For the two of them we paid almost $6K. They should be the right size and not a couple of inches short. They must think only kids buy these so therefore it doesn't matter if they are made to the right size.

They feel very high quality and we are making do with them but they are not as fabulous as I had hoped. They are "pretty good". They do not smell which was very important to me.

If I had known that the twin XL would be a short bed I would have started this off with queen mattresses and not twin XLs. It would have been a really tight squeeze in our bedroom to fit two queens but I would be a heck of a lot happier than sleeping on a short mattress. By the time we figured out that the twin XLs were not the right size we had already invested in adjustable beds, new mattress pads, new mattress encasements and new sheets. It would have been a pain to go back and get everything in a new size and we would have had to get rid of all the brand new twin XL stuff so we settled. Plus the bedroom would have been really cramped with two queens and I didn't want to have to deal with that either.

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? 01 Jul 2020 14:12 #8

fwiw, i've had an eos with plush coils and medium microcoils and LOVE IT. most comfortable mattress i've ever slept in, so recommend trying the microcoils if you can before the swap period ends.

i have a heavy wool "piddle pad" and a st dormier wool and terry pad on top of that www.flobeds.com/products/st-dormeir/ , making a waterproof'ish and a touch extra soft on the bed. i've never tried the naturepedic pad as i figured it would compact and become uncomfortable, and frankly i don't feel like my eos combo doesn't need any more tweaking.

in short... i don't regret a penny i've spent on my naturepedic and fully expect it will be a 20 year mattress.

i totally agree with your assessment of the trio pillow. they sent me a couple for a &$%#up in my mattress and its a horrible pillow in many ways.

my favorit pillows besides down are kapok+latex. i've had a combo latex noodle and kapok pillow called k-lex that i like. more recently i ordered two similar pillows from bedrooms and more in seattle called the melange pillow (a house brand/model) and its a significant improvement to the already good k-lex pillow as theirs has a zippered opening to adjust the fill. the pillows come so over stuffed that i was able to build 2 extra pillows with the extra stuffing with these nice pillow pockets from diy natural bedding www.diynaturalbedding.com/product-category/pillow-fills/ . the kapok + latex blend is just the right combo of spring and dense, i just love it.

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