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Natural Escape: question on dimensions 11 Oct 2020 22:59 #1

We're considering an innerspring mattress to replace our current mattress. The one we have is a Sealy. It has served us well although I've come to understand how we can do better. It's a medium-firm mattress and that's the firmness we'd like. I’m still doing my research. The content here has been enormously helpful although sometimes overwhelming :-)

One of the mattresses we’re considering is the Natural Escape. On the company web site, the Cal King dimensions are listed as 71” X 83”. I wonder why it's slightly smaller than the standard Cal King (72” x 84”)? An inch isn’t much but I’m concerned that it won’t quite fill out our existing bed frame. I’d love to hear any comments on this.



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Natural Escape: question on dimensions 15 Oct 2020 19:33 #2

Hi Alohabob111. Thank you for catching that error. We have updated the listing to the correct sizing. The Califonia King mattress is 72" x 84".
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