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Natural Escape: Uncomfortable (pokes a lot) 25 Jun 2021 16:30 #1

We bought a Cal King Natural Escape hybrid latex from My Green Mattress a little over six months back. Unfortunately, we're quite unhappy with how purchase has worked out.

The main issue is that the mattress seems to poke me at various points on my shoulder and back when I lie down on it. It appears to be localized and I only feel it on my side of the bed. My wife doesn't complain of this issue. When I get into bed at night, I have to adjust my position so as to not feel those pokes. This is severe enough and I cannot lie flat on my back without feeling them instantly. I first thought it was the tufting but I can confirm that it's not that. It is something else but I cannot figure it out. Unfortunately, we're out of the 100-day return window. This had started happening fairly early on. I thought it will go away but it's just become more pronounced. By the way, we're using a Luma Sleep Slatted Wood RTA Foundation that has fourteen 2.5" wide slats with 2.75" between slats.

I weigh 180 lbs, my wife is 140 lbs. Our last mattress came from a big box store. It was getting old but we definitely slept better on it.

I wanted to put my experience out there to see if anyone has any thoughts on this situation. I haven't called the company yet although I plan on doing so next week. I believe the company experts read these forums. Perhaps they’d be able to opine on this situation and help us debug this issue.


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