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Heavy, hot sleeper, chronic pain - need help

12 Jun 2019 10:17 #1 by Heavyjock-hotsleeper
I’m a heavy guy (5’10 and 240 pounds) that is very muscular and despite being super fit have chronic pain issues from surgeries gone bad that also led to my early retirement as a first responder. For a decade now I haven’t gotten good consistent sleep and I know it’s contributing to other health issues (if you want to scare yourself read the book by Dr Matthew Walker sleep guru researcher). I do everything in my power to improve my health, clean eating, meditation,
Yoga, supplements etc.

Since I’m on a fixed disability pension I live month to month and can’t buy some $3k mattress as much as I’d
Like to. And narrowing them down even with the guides on here is difficult because there are so many options. I see the marketing for the Purple Mattress and others that ship to your house and supposedly allow you to sleep cooler which is what I need, but it seems a lot of people end up sending them back and it’s a lot of hype. I search for mattresses for athletes and the Bear mattress comes up as being great for heavy athletes and keeping you cool too, but it’s another one of those ship to your house in a box I think that could be all hype.

If I was only able to spend day $1k, needed a mattress for a heavier athletic muscular guy (ex linebacker/powerlifter), needed a mattress that reduced sleeping temperature, and might be good for a side sleeper and stomach sleeper... could someone give some ideas of brands and models to try to narrow down checking out? I also need a bed frame so suggestions on that appreciates that would be solid but not super expensive. I’ve always lived like a spartan and just put the mattress on the ground and slept like that. But now in my mid 40s it would likely be better to not have to squat to get in and out of bed especially because I seem to wake up 3-5 times per night to get water or use the restroom. I’m hurting...and stressed about finding a mattress and box spring in my price range that I can afford. My medical bills are killing me but not getting good sleep is a priority after reading and hearing Dr Walker. I always knew it was but his research scared the heck out of me.

My current mattress is maybe 8 years old, Sealy Posturepedic, Candle Glow Ti2, firm euro Pillowtop. Which I’m assuming being 7-8 years old is out of gas?? It is super hot to sleep on for sure.

Also does anyone know if any mattress companies or stores give discounts to veterans or first responders?

Thanks for any assistance. This is so confusing !!

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12 Jun 2019 11:35 #2 by Quality Sleep Shop
Hi Heavyjock-hotsleeper.
I think a latex hybrid would be the best build for your weight and body type -- preferably a bed with a zoned coil system and lumber support so that you have ample back support, but more pressure relief for your wider shoulders.
If you are interested in a completely natural mattress, our MyGreenMattress Natural Escape fits this build with a button tufted design for great durability that allows us to offer a 25 year warranty. The wool in the cover along with the tufts will help with temperature regulation and airflow.
Under our Quality Sleep Shop brand, we offer the same bed, but with 1" of blended latex added to the 3" of GOLS organic dunlop latex and a slightly softer Tencel knit cover over wool. This bed is our Katherine Hybrid Latex model and most popular build in our showroom. We can offer you a combo discount for mattress underground and veteran of 10% off. We, like most here on the site, offer a 100 night trial with free returns. We also have organic latex and blended latex toppers for additional pressure relief.
As to the bed frame or platform bed. There are many good options out there. I personally use and suggest They have very simple wood platforms. The slats are properly spaced for maximum airflow to help you sleep cooler, but are close enough to support a hybrid latex or even all latex mattress.

Quality Sleep Shop for your blissful sleep :lol:
Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
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12 Jun 2019 15:36 #3 by Heavyjock-hotsleeper
Thank you very much for this detailed response. I’m reading over the websites now of the two different mattresses you mentioned. Are you saying if I’m concerned about being all natural, you suggest the first one? But if I’m open to whatever the second one might be “better” for my build/weight , sleep style, and cool factor? There is a ton of science about sleeping in cooler temps and in addition since I’m a hot sleeper/sweater I really would love a mattress that was legitimately cooler. I can’t get A/C as I’m in an apartment bottom level and leaving an A/C unit in the window would be so easy to break in. And the indoor A/C units are too expensive. I never thought of the bedframe helping cool things down with airflow!! Dang! All these years being a spartan with the mattress on the floor! And I wonder if this Sealy foam topper mattress I have now is making me sleep hotter.

If I wanted to entertain the combined discount who would I need to speak to?

Thanks again.

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12 Jun 2019 21:25 #4 by Heavyjock-hotsleeper
Also on this site if BMI means body mass index, I’m not quite sure what I am but I am about 8-10% bodyfat, very lean. So I do have a narrower waist, with broad shoulders, and big glutes and thighs from heavy power and Olympic lifting my entire life.

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13 Jun 2019 06:31 #5 by Quality Sleep Shop
Yes. Both beds would be a good option, but I would lean towards the Katherine for you. The natural materials will help you sleep cooler IMO.
Now having said that, I think the biggest factor (and most overlooked) to a mattress temperature is how it holds you. You can have great air flow, natural fibers, cooling gels, etc, but if you are sunken in, you will feel warmer. So the challenge for you is finding a bed with enough pressure relief for you shoulder and injuries, but enough support to hold your body from feeling trapped and warm. Latex is unique in that it can provide support and comfort, so you are a prime candidate for that in the comfort layer of your hybrid. So my recommendations remain the same. Feel free to call, email, or message us and ask to speak to Tim.

Quality Sleep Shop for your blissful sleep :lol:
Researching for a mattress?... Be sure to read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
Click here for TMU Discount Codes if purchasing from Our Trusted Members.

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